Obesity and COVID-19 – are they linked?

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I think we can agree, this has been a pretty surreal situation for everyone. For many, the amount of takeaways and comfort food is so off the chart, we’d definitely fail the bleep test!

But there is a serious side to the gorging – the impact of how coronavirus can affect those carrying extra weight.

Although coronavirus can affect us all, new evidence has shown that those who are overweight or slipping into the obese category are more likely to suffer worsened symptoms of COVID-19.

One study by the World Obesity Federation states: “The COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures that have had to be taken to help curb COVID-19, are likely to have a number of impacts for people living with obesity.”

Another study by the BBC said, “In a study of nearly 17,000 hospital patients with Covid-19 in the UK, those who were obese – with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30 – had a 33% greater risk of dying than those who were not obese.”

As much it’s awful to think about, obesity can cause multiple body issues as well as these Covid complications. An increase in diabetes, suffering from depression, excess strain on the heart and a higher risk of strokes are just a handful of problems when carrying excess timber.

Here’s some more reasons why being overweight could be damaging your health.

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