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We’ve been AWOL for a bit (who knew the common cold could knock you down for quite so long, eh?!) but we’ve been keeping our beady eye on the goings on in the world of weight loss, food and fitness – finding out what our chances of sticking to our resolutions are and dazzling our beloved with a heart filled with gravy. Yes, you heard.

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

Our referral competition is back up and running! This month, Derby player Mark Read won tickets for a tour of Wembley courtesy of the FA – his name was picked out a (virtual) hat from all the top referrers for January. If you’ve ever wanted to introduce a friend to MAN v FAT Football, now’s a good time. You can get all the info on how to do it here. In short, get your personalised referral link, make sure your friend signs up through it and they’ll get half-price registration, you’ll get a fiver plus the chance to win prizes from the FA. Sweet.

In other news

Brits are struggling to stay fit because they are too time-poor and overworked, new research has revealed. Despite six in ten people saying 2019 is their year to get in shape, 42 per cent say they don’t have time to get out and exercise. The research, which was carried out by Freeletics (an at-home workout app), found that nearly one in four said they stay too late at work, while 56 per cent say they are “too tired” to stay fit. Zzzz.

By February, half of the people who made a new year’s resolution to quit smoking are already lighting up again. But the news is a little better for those who opted to try and get fit, as researchers working with BetWay found that 8 out of 10 of people who had pledged to join the gym for 2019 are still regularly going. How are you getting on with your new year’s resolutions? Chart your efforts with BetWay’s New Year, Same You? tool here.

What we’re eating

If you’re currently wondering WTF to get the other half for Valentine’s Day, you can stop right now as we’ve found the perfect thing to show your love. Heart shaped Yorkshire puddings. But of course. Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday, so you’ll have to make the effort to cook up a midweek roast dinner, but your love interest will appreciate it. Probably. They’re 52 cals each and you can get them from all good Yorkshire pudding dealers.

If you’re a snack fiend like I am, you’ll know that the holy grail of snacking is something that is a) delicious and b) low-cal. And finding something that ticks these boxes and isn’t the same old packet of crisps (sorry, Quavers) is something to celebrate, so when Itsu asked us if we’d like to try their crispy seaweed thins we said yes please. They’re paper-thin, crispy, slices of seaweed with a satisfyingly salty tang that definitely hit the spot. AND they’re a ridiculous 24 calories per pack. Yes, 24. You can find them in supermarkets in three different flavours – sea salt, wasabi and (our fave) sweet soy and sea salt.

What we’re talking about

Do you work from home? MVFF coach Neil has found that when he works from home he is HANGRY – why is this and how do you stop yourself from wandering over to the fridge every hour? Add your tips here.

Are you a cyclist or runner who uses Strava? Forum users have set up a Strava club for a bit of extra motivation. Get the details and join them here.

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