With effect from 1st November 2022, an amendment was made to the rules for registering players to your MAN v FAT XI teams.

Any teams that have 24 or less players registered can recruit new players to bring their squad level up to 25 players.

The reason for numbers being below 25 could be, but not limited to, players leaving MAN v FAT, injury, or not wanting to be involved any more.

If a player leaves MAN v FAT, then the manager can contact events@manvfat.com and request that the player be removed from the squad list, this will then be checked and the player removed from the system. If they are still an active member or they can’t be removed for another reason, the request will be declined and the team manager will receive a reason as to why this has happened.

If a player wants to stop their involvement but are remaining as an active member of their MAN v FAT club, then they must email events@manvfat.com themselves to ask that they be removed from the squad. A team manager will not be able to do this on their behalf.

You will only be able to increase your squad size up to 25 during this registration period.

This change to the rules is not designed for teams with 25 or more players to bring in new players to improve their squad.