Bank Holiday Monday (5th May)

It had been one of those days, loads to do and not enough time so was downstairs early, kettle on doing some bits was in and out and remembered questioning, did I remember to take my tablet,  which I did with my cup of tea after several kettle reboils with rushing around.

The day progressed and although I would return to doing a few competitions or watching some telly, I knew there was still bits to do and was doing it between breaks in the other stuff.  Basically I was in a couldn’t sit still mode.

The evening soon arrived and I was out in the kitchen having a tidy up, put a glass of water on the side to take my next tablet, came back into the room when the mobile summoned and then faffed for 20 mins or so before getting into the kitchen to make dinner, I looked across at the water and thought, darn I haven’t taken it so took the metformin with half a pint of water and continued to make dinner.

Was moments later I noted 8 tablets gone and I’d only got the Saturday so I must have taken double dosage twice!

I was then about to have an almost sleepless night, as by 11ish I was feeling light headed, a total fatigue sensation was coursing around the body and the eyes wanted to close, but not ‘Mr Tony’s Brain’ it wanted to continue whizzing, even writing a poem at 2am on facebook (which I was quite proud of with its flow for that time of day even though a bit negative)

metformin - my enemy this week

metformin – my enemy this week

Tuesday (6th May)

2 hours sleep was all I mustered at best and that included numerous pillows being thrown around the room unknowingly,  a very lucid dream about a word search were I had found the missing word and everyone was telling me no, and somehow removing the very sheet from under where I lay. So nope not a good night.

Headache, sore body, incredibly tired I clambered into the shower in the hope of a wake up moment – it worked for about 15 minutes – struggled to get out the front door and didn’t leave on my 35 mile journey to work until 7am.  I made my boss aware of my screw up with the meds and admitted I wasn’t on best form.  I’ve a really good boss who’s truly understanding which I’m thankful for at a time like this.  I saw out the day but left a little after 5pm

First thing when I got home was hit the pillow,  A couple of hours sleep and I thought I wouldn’t sleep all the way or I will be awake at 3 or 4 am.  Instead planned to return around 11ish as needed to eat and hadn’t taken my tablet due to going straight to sleep.

Not long after dinner started feeling rough again this time in the tummy, but was feeling drained tired so dragged myself up the stairs and got my head down.  Then from 2am til 5am had the interruption of 4 or 5 loo trips which I assumed may be the metformin doing their known side effect in some folk, though its not been a big problem on the 2 a day.


Wednesday (7th May)

On the road earlier for work, about 6:35am to try and make up some time stomach still feels iffy but I’ve had the issue with metformin before and it passes fairly soon (or so I thought)

That morning I had to visit the loo 7-8 times and it was now feeling uncomfortable, plus I was starting to worry about having an incident in front of colleagues, its not going t be cool to be remembered as the guy who shit himself in the office…lol and I shouldn’t laugh cos I was really worrying what if I don’t make it because its just fluid coming out with a 30-60 second warning whirring in my tummy.

My boss agreed that in the circumstances I should go home. Almost fell asleep on the drive back several times as had become so drained and tired, got into the house around 2:40 shoes off, toilet, wash hands, bed – was out like a light and slept til almost 9pm. Then thought best get up take a tablet and something too eat, so had a slice of ham and was know fearful of eating food and didn’t know if it was virus or not.

Returning to bed with numerous visits through the night to the ‘throne room’ I had to admit to myself I wasn’t in a good way for work on the Thursday and was convincing myself it most be a stomach virus.


Thursday (8th May)

Took my normal tablet, stayed up to call work who were great about everything and then not long after had a few hours back in bed.  on waking decided to go to chemist for diarrhoea relief tablets and some of those diarolytes drinks that replace lost stuff in your body, salts, electrolytes etc.  The chemist told me I’m to buy nothing and see the doctor based on what I said, (not in an aggressive tone though if I typed it in that manner unwittingly.)

Finally got to see the Doctor this evening

We spoke about Metformin and advised that it will definitely be the metformin and unfortunately can suffer the effects for up to a week, apparently I had taken the maximum dose they would administer so its not going to have a long term effect thankfully and nothing to worry about but unfortunately you can ride it out or constipate yourself with things like Imodium and several days or so into it did I really want that –  he did grin and add, bet you wont make that mistake again in a hurry though….. Too right !!!!

So from first hand experience  may I share this final thought before I pop to the loo once more

if you do take METFORMIN don’t do a ‘Tony’ and take too many in error, ’cause a week in the WC could well await you’