BigClothing4U’s guide to dressing up for a night in

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As the MAN v FAT Awards evening draws ever closer, we know some may be pondering on what to wear for the occasion.

In case your wardrobe has been taken over by loungewear (don’t worry, it happened to the best of us), here’s BigClothing4U’s guide to dressing up for a night in.

How to measure your size
Knowing exactly where to measure can be tricky for big and tall men. BigClothing4U’s size guide shows you exactly where to measure; simply follow their steps to find the perfect size.

Who are BigClothing4U?
BigClothing4U (BC4U) is one of the UK’s leading big and tall retailers who specialise in big men’s clothing. After years of shopping on the high street for plus size men’s clothing, their founder and CEO, Ben Pearson, created BigClothing4U to solve a problem many bigger men across the nation suffer: finding 2XL-8XL clothes that not only fit comfortably, but look good and perform better – lasting wear after wear.

BigClothing4U’s team of experts meticulously measure and assess the quality of each and every product that is on their website to ensure that they’re giving our customers the best fit out there – no questions asked. 

So without further ado, here’s BigClothing4U’s guide to dressing up for a night in!

Espionage Long Sleeve Plain Shirt in White. Available in sizes 3XL-8XL. £22.99 + 10% off with code MANVFATAwards

The white shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe that can be worn for any occasion. White shirts can be dressed up with a pair of formal trousers, or dressed down for a night in with some comfortable stretch jeans.

As modelled by Strongman Laurence Shahlaei, our favourite white shirt is the Espionage Long Sleeve Plain White Shirt. BigClothing4U recommends undoing the first 2 buttons for a relaxed, at home vibe. What’s more, the open collared look helps the waist and face appear smaller – it’s a win-win.

Layer like a boss

Hype Horizon Fade T-Shirt in Blue. Available in sizes 3XL-8XL. £24.99 in the sale. Paired with D555 Western Style Shirt in Black. Available in sizes 3XL-6XL. £37.99 + 10% off with code MANVFATAwards.

Layers can be worn for almost every occasion and are perfect for big men dressing up for a night in, as you can take layers off as things get a little intense. Are you fearful of colour and not sure where to start? BigClothing4U recommends layering coloured t-shirts with a dark shirt or jacket to add a pop of colour without feeling too ‘exposed’.

Layering is an on-trend styling technique that, when done correctly, can give the illusion of a smaller waist. As modelled by influencer, Sugapuff, a t-shirt with an open shirt or jacket can make the waist and stomach appear smaller, as the dark jacket draws your attention to colour in the middle.

Not sure what jeans to wear with this ensemble? Check out BigClothing4U’s Guide To Choosing Jeans for Big Men.

Strongman Laurence Shahlaei has also perfected the layered look with an open collar white shirt and round neck jumper.

Keep it casual

Duke Vista Cut and Sew T-Shirt in Grey. Available in sizes 3XL-6XL. £16.99 + 10% off* with code MANVFATAwards

The unwritten rule: you can never have enough t-shirts, especially as a fellow big man. T-shirts are a staple part of a man’s wardrobe, and can be worn all year round. Keep it casual with the bang-on-trend D555 Vista Cut and Sew T-Shirt paired with black tapered fit stretch jeans

Alternatively, the Uptheir Thor t-shirt is one of BigClothing4U’s best-selling tees this season; seen on the likes of Laurence Shahlaei, Sugapuff and Harvey Price. Available in sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL and 8XL in a range of colours, the Thor t-shirt is our go-to tee to wear for a big night in.

BigClothing4U’s top tips to buying big men’s clothing
Shopping for XL or big and tall clothing should not be a taboo. Nor should it be a mysterious game that leaves you disheartened with plenty of clothes to return. Follow these tips and buying clothes for large men should never be an unpleasant experience again.

1) Embrace your body, don’t hide it
The best thing you can wear is confidence. Don’t assume that you need to hide your body and drown it with excess material. In fact, excess material only makes bigger bodies look bigger than they actually are. Embrace your body and celebrate your size by injecting some colour into your wardrobe and wearing it with confidence.

2) Always check the size guides
Measuring your body and checking size guides allows you to buy clothes that will best fit your body. By doing this you will not only feel more comfortable, but clothing will also look more flattering when worn.

3) Shop with a specialist store or brand
It’s important to shop with a store or brand that can cater and understand your physique. Most regular stores will manufacture an XL product by making all measurements larger. However, specialist clothing stores, like BigClothing4U, specifically design products to have extra room in the chest, waist, hips and sleeves, making this clothing more comfortable and flattering to wear.

4) Check the store’s returns policy
Sometimes something just doesn’t work for you. BigClothing4U believes that big men should feel comfortable to shop and try something new, without the fear of expensive returns.

BigClothing4U offers 100 day returns with free returns for all UK customers to allow their customers to shop with confidence.

BigClothing4U Discount for MAN v FAT
Love a bargain? BigClothing4U are offering MAN v FAT players an exclusive discount ahead of the awards evening. Get 10% off* with discount code MANVFATAwards at checkout. Check out what’s new in for big men here.

*Discount excludes Kam products and e-gift cards.


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