MAN v FAT Newsround 16/3/2018: Is it time to be blunt about cannabis water?

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While the eyes of the world are concentrating on a suspicious poisoning, we show a way you can rid your body of another type of nasty toxin with a new controversial type of water. Also this week: a heart-warming story of generosity, surprising facts on the cleanliness of your home and an insight into the most confusing aspects of pop culture.


There is nothing we love more than to hear of our players doing all they can to raise bucket loads of cash for charities, especially when it’s through football. That’s what happened when a group of lads from the Portway and Tipton leagues pitted themselves against each other in a recent 11-a-side match. The chaps raised £250 for charity, with the money being kindly donated to charities Children with Cancer and Harrison’s Gifts.


Moo-ve over non-dairy products
What would be the biggest thing you would miss if you had to give up dairy? If you said something along the lines of cheesecake, brownies, lasagne, or even Bailey’s you are amongst the five-hundred non-dairy eaters who said these are the things they long for the most.

Does Kim K or grime music leave you scratching your head?
If so then you certainly are not alone – included in a list of the fifty most confusing things in the world right now were the American reality TV star, the variation of rap music championed by the likes of Stormzy and Dizzie Rascal, how to explain football’s ‘offside rule’ and why people consciously choose to go gluten-free. What phenomenon of modern day life leaves your head in a pickle?

A six-month makeover
If you’ve got a beady eye, you will have noticed that the MAN v FAT Football homepage has had a complete makeover this week (including new nails, threaded eyebrows and plucked eyelashes)! What started out as just a mandatory update, ended up being a six-month overhaul leading to the fresh new look. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get there, right?



The benefits of hemp, and in particular CBD oil are no secret for the health gurus who have been maximising its use for centuries, but now this cannabis plant extract is going mainstream. Ocado, are the first supermarket in the UK to stock hemp water, a natural spring water infused with 2.0g of cannabis oil.

A spokesperson for Ocado said it’s “one of the most exciting new products they had ever seen” and championed the use of cannabis oil, claiming that the 100% natural ingredients can be used to effectively treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, MS pain and even depression and anxiety disorders. Hmm. You can pick up a bottle of Hemp Water for £1.29 at Ocado. If you try it, let us know what you think of this latest innovation in the world of healthy living.


Who says life must stop when you get old? These pensioners are well and truly pushing themselves to the limit and they’d probably give you a run for your money too. 

What is the key to looking (and feeling) eternally young? The fountain of youth? No, the secret is getting on the saddle

What do you think is dirtier? A doorknob or hand sanitiser? You may be rather surprised with the answer…


When you’re on a weight loss journey it’s the little victories that mean the most, like putting on that suit you haven’t worn for a while and realising it is far too big for you

Aches and pains are a sign that you’re putting the effort in and working that once sedentary body, however this chap on the forum seems to be taking a bit longer than most to recover – do you have any tips?

Football would be nothing without rules, so it is important everybody knows exactly what is going on, but sometimes you just need some clarity


My goal is to change how I look, I will have numbers in mind when I start progressing. But I want to be able to look at pictures of me and like looking at myself, usually I just look at them and wonder what my wife sees.” – @Ray.H commenting on how everybody has different goals and they’re not always reliant on what happens on the scales.


What are you talking about this week? Heard any interesting news, eaten any interesting things or done anything interesting yourself? We want to hear about it – spill the beans over on the forum.


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