MAN v FAT Newsround 26/1/2018: Exercising in the buff?

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Welcome to the MAN v FAT Newsround, where we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of weight loss this week…


  • Most of us will join a fitness class because we don’t necessarily feel comfortable in our own skin; insecurities about our bodies and embarrassment when having to show some skin are common feelings many of us have felt before, but what if we were to remove this first hurdle?

    Revolutionary gym classes in London are inviting members to strip down to the bare bones, yes that does mean completely naked! Right Path Fitness – the company behind this bizarre idea – claim that this is “just the latest trend in an ever-changing fitness world”, stating that exercising in the nude can bring about benefits like allowing your skin to breathe by liberating yourself from restrictive gym wear, being able to actually see the parts of your body which are being worked and even visibly noticing the progress made from exercise.

    The classes will be available in all male and mixed varieties – if you’re interested you can sign up here and if you do we’d love to hear what you think of it.


  • We are quite the crisp fiends here at MVF but sadly, crisps aren’t so good for the waistline. We were pretty excited when Yushoi got in touch to see if we’d like to try their range of snacks, although we were dubious at first when we saw that they were made from baked pea and baked lentils but they were delicious – especially the new barbeque flavour. They’re 90 calories per portion, low in fat and high in fibre and the varieties we tried (barbeque, soy and balsamic vinegar and mild green curry) were packed with flavour. They’re available in pretty much all supermarkets and we spotted them on offer in Aldi at the weekend too.
  • When looking to lose a few pounds one of the first things to go is usually cheese, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You may have seen the Laughing Cow Triangles on the shelves before, but the lower fat versions may have passed you by. They’re 62% less fat than the original product and an even better 19 calories per triangle, meaning they can reduce your sandwich by almost 70 calories each time – wow! Combine them with some crunchy crackers for a tasty snack, or spread them on some digestive biscuits topped with berries for an exotic treat. Laughing Cow Triangles allow you to experience the luxurious taste of cream cheese, without having a cloud of guilt hanging over you. Get them from Tesco at just £1.00 for a packet of eight.




I have just joined too, looking forward to next Friday and meeting you all. Used to love football many years ago, excited to kick a ball around again and lose weight in the process!” – @Andy_Todd epitomising everything MAN V FAT Football is about whilst commenting on the upcoming Exeter league which is set to start this week.

What are you talking about this week? Heard any interesting news, eaten any interesting things or done anything interesting yourself? We want to hear about it – spill the beans over on the forum.


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