MAN v FAT Newsround 2/2/2018: Changing perceptions

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Oh yes, it’s finally February! If you were doing Dry January, Veganuary or anything similar then you made it! Welcome to the MAN v FAT Newsround, where we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of weight loss this week…


  • All legendary players have to eventually hang up their boots; Patrick Viera, Francessco Toti and Javier Zanneti to name a few. We can now add Daniel Donaghy to that list, the MAN v FAT Football Leyton legend.
  • Having joined in January 2017 at a weight of 86kg (13st 7.6 or 189lbs), Daniel lost a staggering 15kg (2st 5 or 33lbs) in just three seasons – that equates to an impressive 21% of his body weight lost. Daniel will take to the pitch for the last time when the Leyton league have their round of cup fixtures, and when the final whistle comes around there won’t be a dry eye in the house (probably). When speaking to Daniel he cited MAN v FAT for “changing his mindset and relationship with food”, enabling him to learn how to effectively lose weight.
  • Will it be a romantic end to his MAN V FAT career by winning the cup, or will it be heartbreak for Daniel and his teammates? Whatever the result one thing is assured; Daniel Donaghy will forever go down in the MAN v FAT Football hall of fame. 


  • What comes to mind if we say white van man? Nothing good, we bet. Lazy, overweight and extremely unfit? Not anymore – according to a study which analysed the health of those who spend their working hours driving vans, one in seven are now opting for healthier meals and they’re exercising more too. We say well done to these lads, and if you yourself are a ‘van man’, have you made any considerable lifestyle changes whilst out on the road?


  • PB Fit, made by BetterBodyFoods, is an inventive healthy chocolate peanut butter powder, to which you just add water for a delicious chocolate nut spread. Peanut butter and other nut-based chocolate spreads can be really high in calories, but this new product is a low-cal alternative with 90% less fat. It’s even gluten-free and vegan and only uses natural ingredients. If you think it sounds too good to be true, then give it a go for yourself and get yourself a tub from Tesco for £4.50.





What are you talking about this week? Heard any interesting news, eaten any interesting things or done anything interesting yourself? We want to hear about it – spill the beans over on the forum.


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