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This week we’re talking SGP, how to cut back on fizzy pop, those naughty off-limit foods and acronyms that you usually only hear in the gym…

From the MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park tournament

MAN v FAT St George's Park

Borehamwood talking to The One Show

  • Borehamwood were crowned MAN v FAT Football national champions on Saturday at the MAN v FAT Football St George’s Park tournament with a win against runners-up Fox Hollies. A big well done to the winners, who played some excellent football.
  • That’s not forgetting everyone else – whether your team lost all your games or were knocked out in the semis, we hope you had a great day and enjoyed the football. It was a fantastic celebration of your weight loss achievements and it was inspiring to meet so many of you and to hear about your progress.
  • If you’ve got any comments or feedback about the day (good or bad!), please email us – The next St George’s Park tournament will be held in the winter and we need your feedback to make sure future tournaments are as good as they can be.

  • If you were there on Saturday, you’ll no doubt have seen the BBC’s cameras (and Trish, the wonderful and very enthusiastic presenter!) and wondered when you’ll get your 5 mins of fame. The One Show featuring the tournament aired last night, and you can catch it on iPlayer.

In other news…

MAN v FAT St George's Park

  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, lose more? We’ve all heard amazing weight loss stories just from people cutting out booze. A-listers like Zach Galifianakis and Ed Sheeran as well as some not-so A-listers like Lisa Riley (although her A-list status depends on how much you like Emmerdale…) have all claimed that cutting down on their booze consumption has helped them drop the weight. But what if you don’t want to give up the booze? (I’m not here to judge you.)
    Research conducted by the American Chemical Society suggests that tequila may be the drink for you. Tequila is full of agavins (sugar from the agave plant) which act as a dietary fibre meaning it won’t raise your blood sugar, as well as having other health benefits like promoting microbe growth and helping you feel fuller for longer. (h/t:
  • Gas guzzlers! The UK has been ranked as the country with the 7th highest fizzy drink consumption in Europe. PureGym’s research has found that the average Brit will drink 322 cans of the bubbly stuff per year. See the full study here, and maybe think about trying one of these before you grab that next can.

What we’re talking about

  • If you’ve got a spare 7 minutes, @rkr786 has posted his journey to St George’s Park in a vlog. If you weren’t there, it’s worth a watch for some insight. Or if you were there, relive those SGP feels.
  • Can we give a big MVF welcome to self-proclaimed ‘newbie fatty’ @Sumoninja who has joined the MVF forum for some extra support from lads with similar experiences.

What we’re reading

  • Favourite food off-limits? Unlikely! The Sun surprised us with this list of 10 ‘naughty’ foods which may actually be beneficial to weight loss by stopping you from feeling so hungry.
  • Do you know your arse from your elbow? What about the difference between PB, IIFYM and ‘Maxing Out’? The guys at have put together this super handy guide to the acronyms and phrases you might hear from bros at the gym.

What we’re drinking

Seeing as we’ve been talking about how to cut down on the nasty drinks, this next product seems to be appropriate. Twining’s Cold Infuse is essentially a tea bag for water bottles, keeping rehydrating exciting. Cold Infuse comes in a good range of flavours from rose lemonade to watermelon, strawberry and mint so you shouldn’t get bored, and they’re sugar-free with an average of 2 calories per bag.

Quote of the week

An oldie but a goodie from MVF’s @Big_Fella

Putting up barriers and obstacles is easy. All the reasons not to do stuff, we’re good at that. But push them aside, and get on with it, you’ll end up in a much better place. Trust me.” – you got this lads.


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