LighterLife Weight Loss Story – Neil Corder #AmazingLoser

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  • Name: Neil Corder (ask him anything on Talk)
  • Job: Business owner
  • Height: 6′ 3″ (177.8 cm)
  • Age: 45
  • Highest weight: 327 lbs (148.3 kg)
  • Lowest weight: 203 lbs (92 kg)

So Neil, it’s great to see that you’ve got the classic standing-in-your-massive-clothes picture done perfectly – full marks! What is it like to see that picture now and look back?

Neil after in old shirt

The best thing about losing weight is being happy, having confidence and being able to live life. I am a keen fisher and my job is very active – before I started on LighterLife I really struggled with physical activity but now I find myself running around all over the place with no problem! My dating life is also better and unlike before where I hid from the camera, I am so proud of my new body that I now love posting photos on social media. I am a million per cent happier, I am a clothes shopaholic and this filters through into other areas of your life; losing weight helps you to think clearly and make sensible life decisions. It’s amaziing how much of a knock-on effect it has and it’s also a great feeling to inspire other people.

There’s been a huge physical change – how has that been for you?

Some of my old clients do not even recognise me anymore, I have had to show before and after pictures to prove who I am at times! Losing weight also gives you the confidence to get back into old hobbies. I have taken up drum lessons again and I hope to join a band as I improve. I am also looking into dance classes as a fun way to stay in shape.

So let’s rewind – what happened to get you fat? What went wrong?

For me it was the stress of a bad relationship which took its toll and caused my weight to soar. I was stuck in an unhappy place, I lost my confidence and the pressure of being with my, then girlfriend, meant I turned to food as a form of comfort. I was miserable because my clothes didn’t fit, people looked at me in the street. I found myself not eating through hunger but as a habit and a form of comfort because I was in an unhappy place.

Was there a single point where you remember saying, this is it – this is my change?

Well, I split up with my partner and I wanted a new life. I decided to start again and do things that suited me! I got to a point where I thought enough is enough, I was fed up of being overweight and wanted to be able to go shopping for nice clothes. I knew it was either carry on as I was and die, or get my life in gear. I ended my unhappy relationship and started on LighterLife almost immediately.

image002 (Medium)

So how did you get involved in LighterLife then? 

Funnily enough, it was my ex-wife, who is still a close friend, who lost a great deal of weight using it and it inspired me. I also give full credit to the diet – LighterLife was great and I was motivated by seeing results every time I had a weigh in. Being able to see the weight loss first hand spurs you on.

[blocktext align=”left”]If it was up to me I would put LighterLife on the NHS[/blocktext]

What did you have to do then?

Quite simply I stuck vigorously to the diet packs that they give you whilst having an energetic job and the two went hand-in-hand very well. I also set an end goal – promising myself I would buy a pair of my favourite Levis 501 jeans as a reward. I also had great support from family and friends.

Over the course of a day I’d eat LighterLife porridge for breakfast, the chocolate shake for lunch, and then the mushroom soup or spaghetti bolognese for dinner. The spag bol meal was my favourite! Overall, the whole journey was very straight forward. I surprised myself at how disciplined I was. I had the end goal in sight and stuck to the packs.

What do you think of LighterLife – there are plenty of critics?

I surprised myself in terms of motivation and how strict I was with myself – for me LighterLife is a great way to lose weight. If it was up to me I would put LighterLife on the NHS as I think it is such a good way for big people to lose excess weight. It is far less intrusive than a gastric band and I am the walking evidence that it works!

after 2


Did you get much support or was it something you did on your own?

My family, friends and my ex-wife all supported me. She has been a fantastic support throughout my weight loss journey and is like a best friend to me. The only thing that got in the way were people questioning me as to why I was losing the weight and whether it was sensible to follow a diet. You can’t please everyone though and I feel so much healthier and happier now! My doctor has also confirmed this so I am over the moon.

There you go then – we’ve had a couple of LighterLife fans on the site now and it seems that the very proscriptive approach really works for some blokes – essentially you get your packs of food and that’s it done. What do you think? Is it something you would be interested in trying? Don’t forget you can ask Neil anything over on Talk and if you’re an Amazing Loser, or you know of one, then get in touch


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