We’re thrilled to introduce MAN v FAT Football Extra Time! You (yes you!) do amazing things every day and we’ve seen incredible weight loss stories since we started the MAN v FAT website and MAN v FAT Football. We reckon that’s worth making a huge song and dance about – so we’re very excited this week to announce FOUR brand new ways we’re going to celebrate your weight loss.

MAN v FAT Football Extra Time

Introducing MAN v FAT Football Extra Time

The MAN v FAT Festival

Launching in Late Spring/Early Summer 2019, the MAN v FAT Festival is set to be an incredible celebration of weight loss and men’s health. There will be a MAN v FAT Football tournament but it will also be open to any MAN v FATter, even if you’ve never kicked a ball at one of our leagues. So if you’ve been a MAN v FAT forum regular (or lurker!), enjoy reading the blog or just like what we do – come along and support the largest gathering of MAN v FAT Footballers yet! There will be organisations and companies and a whole load of fun things to do, so keep your eye on the blog for more details in the new year.

The MAN v FAT Football Top Scorer Invitational

Are you man of the match every time? Fancy yourself as a bit of a Maradona or Messi? This is for you. We want to continue to celebrate excellent performance on (and off) the pitch and so we’ll be inviting top scorers from MAN v FAT Football leagues to face off against each other. This event will take the Top Scorer teams to a top-class facility and see them face off against other top performing teams across the country with a chance of being crowned the Top Scorer Champions and taking a trophy home to their league. 

MAN v FAT Football Extra Time

MAN v FAT Football 11s

We know that once you’re bitten by the footballing bug, you want MORE – and that’s what we want to give you. Inspired by the guys all across the country who have been organising their own 11-a-side games, we’re going to create nationwide opportunities for 11-a-side teams to play with other 11-a-side teams. This will give you the chance to play longer games on bigger pitches. We’re currently running a consultation to decide the best way of doing this, so if you’d like to give your say, you can do so here.

MAN v FAT Football Extra Time

One of our MAN v FAT Soccer Australia teams

MAN v FAT Internationals

We currently have MAN v FAT Football leagues in 4 countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Australia – with MAN v FAT Soccer USA in the pipeline too. But which country is the best? Only one way to find out…FIGHT! If you’ve ever dreamed of representing your country on the pitch, now’s your time to show us what you’ve got. From 2020, we’ll be lining up to sing national anthems (probably) in our very first MAN v FAT International championship.

Why are we changing our tournaments? I liked St George’s Park!

We all like St George’s Park, it’s a very inspiring place and has some world-class facilities. However, with the growth of MAN v FAT Football it just isn’t big enough anymore. The entry criteria and draw for 2018’s St George’s Parktournamentt left out a hell of a lot of people, and there was a big restriction on spectators. When you’re representing your league and playing at such an impressive venue, you want your family and friends to be able to see you in action!

We also want everyone to have the best time at our tournaments, but as you’ll know if you were at the last St George’s Park tournament in the summer, some people had to play on the outdoor pitches and though the outdoor pitches are perfectly fine (I mean, they are England training facility pitches), we recognise that it’s not fair for those playing outside to be away from the amazing atmosphere of the inside pitches. So by changing up how we do things, we will be able to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time and that more guys than ever can take part.

Where can I find out more?

  • Check out this PDF which outlines all of our plans in more detail.
  • Watch this live Q&A with MAN v FAT founder Andrew Shanahan where he answers questions and talks through our reasons for switching format.
  • If you’re a MAN v FAT Football player, keep an eye on your Whatsapp group, coach AQA sessions and weekly progress emails. 
  • We’ll be releasing more information as time goes on, so keep an eye on manvfat.com for all the latest.