I’m not a road runner baby – Amazing Loser Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts

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Charlie is no stranger to weight loss success, having lost a few stone in the past, so he knew how to eat well and exercise, but it's hard to stay motivated when you hate road running and love peanut butter! Meep! Meep! Doggy doggy what now? What is this, a crossover episode? (If you don;t understand this, you aren't watching enough cartoons)

Charlie is no stranger to weight loss success, having lost a few stone in the past, so he knew how to eat well and exercise, but it’s hard to stay motivated when you hate road running and love peanut butter. Meep! Meep! Doggy doggy what now? What is this, a crossover episode? (If you don’t understand this, you aren’t watching enough cartoons)

Name: Charlie Roberts

Age: 26

Height: 5’8″

Location: Yeovil

Occupation: Parts Advisor

Highest weight: 136kg (21st 5lbs, 299lbs)

Current weight: 99kg (15st 9lbs, 219lbs)

Weight lost: 37kg (5st 12lbs, 82lbs)

How did you get to the position where you needed to lose weight?

Just being sofa bound; playing Xbox games in most of my spare time and a slight addiction to peanut butter and chocolate buttons.

I used to drink 3-4 times a week which never helped, and a massive lack of motivation with nobody to push me and tell me enough is enough – so I had to tell myself that in the end.


What negative experiences did you have of being overweight?

I was constantly tired, had back problems and massive confidence issues with how I looked, which affected me a lot. It gave me rock-bottom self-esteem, which made me eat more.

What made you decide to change?

A few things: I went through a bad breakup and knew I had to get back out there and that required confidence in myself I didn’t have. Also the health repercussions of being so big – heart problems run in my family and I wanted to be as healthy as possible.

What did you do to lose weight?

The first few weeks were hell! If I’m honest, I went cold turkey on sugar and that was hard, as my body just craved it. Also I reduced portion sizes in half and I was constantly hungry, but once my body got used to it, it has been a lot easier.

I knew then I had to find an exercise that I loved, as I hated road running. That’s when I joined MAN v FAT, as I’ve always loved football and used to play.

Had you tried to lose weight before?

I lost 3 stone about 5 years ago through running and eating well, but I hated running so I quickly got back to my old ways and regained it – plus more – over the years. Finding an exercise that you love is key!


What did you eat before you lost weight?

I would eat peanut butter on toast for breakfast, for lunch it would be peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and normally had a pack of coolies in my drawer most days! Dinner time was pizza, or big pasta meals followed by a pack of chocolate buttons and maybe some Jack Daniels. I would get through two pots of peanut butter a week!

What do you eat now?

Banana for breakfast. Melon, apples and a mugshot for lunch. Dinner time is pasta salad, homemade chips and vegetable sausages, tea time is normal meals as I normally work the calories off.

Why did you join MAN v FAT Football?

Because I knew I would love playing football and also be able to manage my weight at the same time. It’s a win-win situation. Have fun and lose weight!

How has MAN v FAT Football helped you lose weight?

My Team is the reason why – you want to play well for your team and doing well encourages them to do well. The WhatsApp group is great; staying up to date with your teammates and the coach so you can keep on track and see what everyone else is doing well. Plus joining has also put me in a few more games a week outside the MAN v FAT league so I’m playing three times a week!

Why do you think MAN v FAT Football works?

It works because you’re doing exercise you love, plus then having an easy way to manage weight within a massive support group. It also has things in place where if you hit goals you get rewarded and you want your team to do as well as possible.

It’s beyond amazing.

What would you say to anyone thinking of joining MAN v FAT Football?

Do it! Don’t hesitate. It will change your life if your willing to work hard.

It’s the best thing I have ever done and I’m so glad I joined.

What has been the most difficult thing about losing weight?

The food side of it – everything is so tempting and it’s easy to have bad days. Luckily I live alone so I don’t buy it, but I know for some it’s not as easy. But if you have the mindset you can easily overcome that and eat healthily. I have had a mindset since I started that hasn’t stopped! I set a goal and had the determination to hit it and not fail. I still am setting goals and will hit them!

Also make sure you have a treat day as that’s important!

How has life changed now that you’ve lost weight?

It’s been amazing since losing the weight! I’ve got more confidence, I feel so much better in my health and I met the most amazing girl who is always driving me. Life’s looking good.


Time for a shout-out! Who has helped you on your weight loss journey?

All of the yellows! Wickao, Dave, Craig, Matt, Ryan, Mark and especially Jordan who has been great! Another amazing Loser Aaron who has always been so helpful. Kevin the coach has been great as well, always pointing me in the right direction. One more shout out is the brilliant is James, had been really great to me since day one!

If you could go back to the person you were at your heaviest, what would you say to him?

Get your arse off the sofa and put that chocolate down. It’s football time

What are your next steps now that you’ve lost weight?

I plan to lose a stone and a half and then unsure what my next goals are. Might join a gym and bulk up a little. Think I will be happy with my weight by then. But from here on out it’s constant goals!

You’re Prime Minister for the day – what would you do to help combat the obesity crisis?

I would make adverts about obesity awareness as horrible as the car speeding awareness ones, as they always got the point across.

What do other fat men need to know about losing weight?

It’s easier than you think when you enjoy the exercise your doing.

There’s so many good options that are a great replacement for unhealthy foods

The feeling you get when you hit goals is like none other. It’s healthy to always be working towards goals and achievements .

Many thanks to Charlie for sharing his story! If you want to be featured as an Amazing Loser, send us an email – press@manvfat.com 


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