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This week's Newsround sees us eating dippy eggs, washing our underwear and learning how to learn things.

Yep, it’s that time of the week again when we rake through the glut of crap press releases to bring you the news you need to know. Yes, I said need


We’re really excited to launch our new email series for brand new players called Pre-Season Training. If you’re a new player on a new league, you’ll now receive weekly emails setting you up for your first MAN v FAT Football season, including what you can do to start getting active and tips from existing players on how to make the most of your time on the pitch.

We’ve got loads of new leagues launching soon and we’re sure this is going to be really useful for new players.

Speaking of new leagues… We’ve got a lot of new MAN v FAT Football leagues launching soon (knocking on ALL THE WOOD that lockdown restrictions don’t bite us on the arse here) and we’re really looking forward to getting started as we slide down the weeks until Christmas (in the words of everyone’s dad, it’ll be here before you know it). Take a bow Bath, Bristol, Mansfield, Middlesbrough, Bicester and Aylesbury!

If you’re a man in one of these areas who wants to lose weight, go on, give it a go. And if you’re an existing MAN v FAT Football player, don’t forget you can use your unique referral code to score a fiver when a new player signs up.

We’ve got a great MAN v FAT HQ webinar coming up with QPR manager Mark Warburton! More details will be sent out to MAN v FAT Football members via email, so put October 28th at 6pm in your diary (or sign up via the Facebook event here, if you’re technologically-minded) and keep an eye on your inbox for more details coming soon.


A UK-wide survey of British egg lovers reveals the humble dippy egg with soldiers reigns supreme, with a resounding 31%of Britons voting it as the greatest way to enjoy an egg.

The classic fried egg came a close second (27%) followed by scrambled (18%) and poached (16%). Although we reckon if a poached egg was easier to perfect it’d be much higher…

The survey, by British Lion Eggs, also found that the average Brit eats SIX eggs a week, with Stoke-on-Trent emerging as the egg loving capital of the UK, where residents enjoy EIGHT eggs every week. Eggcellent.

Ok, so this one isn’t about weight loss, but I think you’ll agree it’s an important public service announcement – recent research has found that 1 in 20 men wear their underwear more than five times before washing them. Do everyone a favour and wash your pants a bit more. The poll by OnBuy also found that more than 3 in 10 people wear their gym gear 4 times before washing it. Mmm, sweaty.

Are you still working from home? And is that working hard or hardly working? Pull Up Mate, an at-home fitness resource provider, has found in a poll that the average employee spends 14 hours a month exercising while on the clock, effectively being paid to take what they call ‘burpee breaks’. But if you’re sitting down for large periods of the day, we reckon you’d be forgiven for wanting to take a break to get active every now and then.


We’re not exactly huge fans of Elon Musk, but this article about his 2 rules for learning anything faster is interesting stuff, even if you’re not an entrepreneur or an evil genius.

It seems like spending time on social media these days is mostly about scrolling through endless bad news and arguments, in what you could call ‘doomscrolling’. And if you are a doomscroller, help is at hand.

Are you missing your colleaguesHere’s how to reconnect with them.


Halloween cash-ins abound at this time of year, and some are shit (Mr Kipling, we’re looking at you) but some are great, like the Jaffa Cakes with the real human blood filling (not really, Jaffa Cake lawyers). This yearly offering from Soreen is a hit every time October rolls around. Available in spooooooooky chocolate orange and terrifying toffee apple, the limited edition flavours are 98 cals each and make a decent snack when you’re craving cake.

We’re back on our soup trip now that the colder weather is in full swing and it feels so good. Current favourite is Lidl’s tomato and chorizo soup and such is my devotion to this particular flavour that I went to my very own kitchen and took a photo of a can which I then crudely Photoshopped for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome. This soup is 336 cals for the entire tin and if you’re a fan of Mulligatawny soup, you’ll like this one.


Yessss Deke! He’s a total legend and an inspiration, as you can see from his Amazing Loser piece here. Here’s to many more medals.


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