Guys, we need to talk.

As November draws to a close and those of you who grew a moustache for Movember get ready to shave it off (no, it doesn’t suit you, your wife is right) let’s think about Men’s Health. No, not the lifestyle magazine promoting gainzz, but the lifestyles that we lead that cause us painzz!

When was the last time you visited your doctor? When was the last time you had a MOT? Not for your car but for the body that carries you everywhere?

More men die than women.

“Wait, we all die” I hear you scream! Well, more men are born in the UK than women and while we all die, more men die earlier, unexpectedly and even violently (for not shaving off that moustache, possibly).

  • More men are overweight.
  • More men die of strokes.
  • More men die of cancer.
  • More men are committed to psychiatric wards.

With many men a pattern forms (and I don’t just mean male-pattern baldness).
How many of us played sport until our knees or hips could take no more and we became less active?
How many of us sliced that Wedding Cake and then proceeded to eat more and more cake?
How many wear our bellies with pride and state to anyone that listens that we’re ok?
How many of us tell ourselves that we’re not overweight and that we are still healthy?
How many of us look in the mirror and maybe don’t like what they see?
And, how many of us are starting to make those strange noises whenever we stand up, or go to lift something (it’s ok, you are not alone).

What is Movember?

It is not just about growing some impressive (and some less impressive) moustaches, it’s about raising more awareness around men’s health and the things that kill us: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues such as depression.

Those of you carrying a few extra pounds (further increasing your risk of early death… let’s not beat about the bush) might have tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World and discovered that they were not for you. That you felt out of place. You are not alone.

That’s why I am delighted to be a part of MAN V FAT. A group of guys that support each other and a place where you can get advice, encouragement and even the odd good idea with no nonsense… ok, maybe just a little bit of nonsense.

MAN v FAT Football leagues have started or are about to start across the country and now, not January, is the time to register your interest and to invest in your future. At every league, you’ll have friendly faces from MAN v FAT there to support you and in the the forum, we are happy to answer any questions.

And that is the other goal of Movember. To get us to talk. To our colleagues, our families and our friends.

Come and talk to us at MAN V FAT