How do you explain Freddy Quinne? You could start by saying that he’s a beard-wearer, an ex-smoker (of about five days by the time you read this). He’s also a very talented and outspoken comedian. He’s also fat and wants to be less so. He’s decided that if he’s going to lose weight then it’s not going to be down to one of those fancy gyms and that led to a challenge. Over to Freddy…Beachbody

Everyone has that crystallising moment, that sudden realisation, the point you see yourself for what you really are: hopelessly out of shape.

For me, that moment was on a recent Monday night playing 7-a-side football for the first time, in what I acknowledge was my first proper exercise in two years, when a man of at least 300 years of age out-ran me for 40 minutes.

Well, that’s about to change.

Let me just point out that I am the least fit person you could ever wish to meet. I’m 18st, I smoked until recently, and I don’t exercise. I don’t eat well and I drink. I’d say it’s impossible to be in worse shape than I currently am. I’m ground zero.

When people decide to get in shape, they join a gym then they immediately face all sorts of choices. They need to decide when to exercise and how often, what machines to use, what diet to go on, what to do at home, what classes to sign up to, etc.

But what if we made going to the gym a choice, too? What if we saved the money we’d spend on a gym membership and bought other things? Purchased other services? Could you lose weight without a gym? What’s worth putting your time into and what isn’t? Well, lets find out.

I’m teaming up with MAN v FAT to go on a weight loss journey without the gym. Every month I’ll be writing about my progress, what’s worked and what’s been a giant waste of time. I’m going to try everything and anything. There’s only two rules to stick by – I can’t spend more than I would at a gym and I can’t go to a gym.

This is about finding a different way to get fit and healthy. And about making sure the next time I play football I’m not getting nutmegged by a pensioner.

I’m open to suggestions about what I should try, you can find me over on the Talk forum. The rules give me a budget of around £30 per month to spend on health-related things that may, or may not, make me fitter and help me to lose weight – any ideas of what should be next? The first month is going to be a 10k a day steps challenge, which I’ll be measuring with my trusty new OMRON pedometer.

Are you ready to help Freddy out? Give him a shout on Talk and let us know any ideas you have for fitness and health on a £30 per month budget.