Make 2021 the year you improve your health by losing weight with MAN v FAT Football, the UK’s leading male weight loss programme that combines football with weight loss success.


The MAN v FAT Football Season Pass

The MAN v FAT Football Season Pass is the perfect gift for a friend, family member or even to treat yourself!

The Pass entitles the recipient to a MAN v FAT Football membership for a 14 week period. A membership includes a weekly football match, a Members Area to help you keep track of your progress and other key features and benefits.

There is other nutrition support and guidance from your league coach, access to an online gym, our mental health support platform and much more.

As part of your membership, you will also receive a MAN v FAT Player Binder, which includes recipes, handy tips and a food diary to keep track each week.

*You may be invited to join a team mid-season, with remaining weeks of membership carried over to the following season. New members will be asked to provide debit or credit card details which will be used to schedule a monthly subscription to start 14 weeks after you join your team.

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