Five Really Fat Animals

Ah, fat animals. You know what they say – misery loves company, so today we’re ditching the clever words and the insightful analysis, forgetting about our own battle with weight and instead we’re going to bear witness to five really, really fat animals. Enjoy.

Fat animals for your enjoyment

This is a really fat orangutan. 

fat animals

Go on. Try and deny the truth of that heading. You can’t can you?

Those embarrassing pool pictures

fat animals

Of course you can make the point that a) it’s an optical illusion caused by half his body being submerged in water and b) the fact that genetically he’s pre-disposed to carry blubber to help him in the freezing waters. But then which one of us hasn’t tried to claim the same over the years? Anyway, forget it. This seal is fat.

It’s one of those fat cats we hear so much about!

fat animals

Do you have any idea of how many times he’s heard that joke? Do you?

When’s it due?

fat animals

No, seriously – are you pregnant?

Sure, it’s a “defence mechanism”.

fat animals

The only thing that needs a defence mechanism is your biscuit barrel.

Got a fat animal to share? Maybe you’d like to request one? Tell us in the comments. 



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