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Beetroot blood, Cardiac-Locomotor Synchronization, chewing gum and sperm. Thankfully, the last two are not connected. Intrigued? Welcome to this week’s Newsround.

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

nuts improve sperm nuts improve sperm

  • Have our brave lads inspired you to get (back) into football? They’re not coming home with the trophy but you can’t deny that they’ve done amazingly well – we’re loving the buzz around football right now, and long may it continue.
    Want to get back on the pitch? What are you waiting for, do a Harry Maguire and use your head – find your local MAN v FAT league now. Our players have collectively lost over 100,000lbs of weight and you could be losing too. Don’t believe me? Check our case studies and see for yourself.
  • A massive well done to West Brom team The Incredible Bulks on their 17-game unbeaten scale result streak! They won last season, which takes them to 3 out of 3 on scale wins. Great effort.

In other news…

  • Nuts! You have them and you should be eating them too. Studies have shown that introducing regular portions of nuts into your diet could help keep your little swimmers swimming, improving the count, vitality and morphology. All it could take is 60g of nuts a day to keep you and your little guys in shape. Plus, nuts are a great energy-boosting snack.
  • Cardiac-Locomotor Synchronization. Say that 5 times fast. Cardiac-Locomotor Synchronization, or CLS as the cool kids call it, is when your heart rhythm syncs up with your natural movement. Why is this important? Well, it could mean that doing a simple task like chewing gum while walking will burn off extra calories! It’s also thought that sitting down and chewing gum uses 19% more energy than sitting down alone, which could result in losing just shy of an extra stone in a year. The Metro has more on gum here.

What we’re talking about

  • A big MVF welcome to @acarter299 who isn’t using watching the footy as an excuse and is bound to score big in his weight loss efforts.
  • Some interesting chat (or well, rants) about fitness influencers and coaches on the blog this week. What do you think? Weigh in here.

What we’re reading

nuts improve sperm

  • Are you addicted to your Fitbit? Check out Buzzfeed’s 18 tweets that summarise life with a Fitbit. #10 had me laughing out loud and then I had a bit of an ugly cry.
  • Men’s Health have been suggesting some easy ways to keep on top of your weight loss while chained to your desk. I am definitely asking for a gym ball for my desk. And if I needed an excuse for more plants in the office (I didn’t), I’ve got one now…
  • Goal-setting is tough. I see it a lot on the forums, we need to focus on our ‘why’. Why are you doing this? To get jacked, or buff, or skinny might be your answer but that usually requires maximum short-term effort just to find yourself straight back to your old ways once you’ve reached that goal. Coach Magazine tells us why weight-loss goals are good but why focusing on what makes you smile is better.

What we’re eating

nuts improve sperm

  • Want to test out your cardiac-locomotor synchronization? Iceland has just released some naturally flavoured chewing gum in some not so typical flavours – maple and ginger (alongside the more usual mint if you’re not feeling adventurous). At only 1 calorie a piece, I couldn’t think of a better flavour to keep me refreshed and occupied than ginger, or maple when my sweet tooth needs a quick hit.

nuts improve sperm

  • The vegan burger that ‘bleeds’ is coming to Tesco next month. Beyond Meat burgers, which ‘bleeds’ due to the inclusion of beetroot, will be found with the vegetarian and vegan products but also alongside real meat burgers to help ease the transition into going more plant-based.

Quote of the week

“I’m nearly 6 stone lighter…With my 45 birthday last week I feel healthier than I have done since I was 30.”

  • @Dieso, via the forum

Get in lad, we love helping you guys turn the clock back.


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