Doing it for the ‘gram – The MVF Newsround 14/12/18

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Christmas is coming, did you know?! This week we’re doing it for the ‘Gram, getting angry and feeling warm ‘n’ fuzzy with a nice cup of cocoa.

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

Calling all Milton Keynes based MvFFers – here is a date for your diary and we’re telling you way in advance, so no excuses!

There’s gonna be an epic 24-hour footy match in aid of Winter Night Shelter MK on Saturday March 9th at the Power League in Milton Keynes and the organisers need you. It’s gonna be big, with raffles and massive prizes for players.

The target is £10,000 so the more the merrier. Fancy it? Ping an email over to with your name. Then all you need to do is set up a Just Giving page, give the link over to the team and away you go. Feel free to drop them an email if you need any further information.

In other news…

Imagine this, you’re out celebrating. You and the gang are sat around the table with a few drinks and then the waiter struts their stuff towards your table. They set the plates down in front of you. What happens next? Do you A) dig in without another moment’s wait or B) you grab your phone, tweak your plate and snap away?

If you chose B, well you’re not alone. Studies show that 4 in 10 diners post their food pics to social media when dining out. One-fifth of participants may need to put their phones down for a little while though; admitting that they would like restaurants to install better lighting to make their photos pop.

Do you do it for the ‘Gram?

Marketplace website has researched the Christmas dinner for us and worked out the average calories and macros in the ‘traditional’ (turkey), a veggie (veggie wellington) and a vegan alternative (nut roast).

Probably unsurprisingly the vegan Christmas has the fewest calories, that is until you take away the pigs in blankets from the meat eaters offering (blasphemy, surely?). Without the pork treats, they turkey dinner is actually the lowest in calories and second lowest in fat, finishing after the vegan nut roast. Will you be adjusting your festive feast for the big day? If so, how so? Let us know over on the forum.

What we’re reading

pic from drawception

The festive season isn’t always fun and games. We get it, you might not get on with someone in the family, you might’ve just lost at Monopoly, or maybe table talk has turned to politics (ugh). Just because it’s Christmas, does not mean we’re immune to anger. Don’t waste that emotion; if you find yourself feeling cross, Men’s Health have a guide on how to turn it into a positive, helping us to communicate and feel better.

What we’re talking about over on the MAN v FAT Forum

@MakemPride wants to ask Santa for a new GPS watch but doesn’t know which one to ask for. Any suggestions from our readers?

@GunslingerSJ is asking for strategies for avoiding (or and maybe even finding healthier alternatives to) those little treats that become big treats when you’re tired and alone. How do you battle that devil on your shoulder? 

What we’re eating and drinking

I know exactly what we need more of at this time of year: indulgence! Asda’s Extra Special salted caramel drinking chocolate will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy. It’s currently £2.48 and it’s 197 calories per serving. There’s also a chocolate version, if salted caramel’s not your thing. It’s probably not an everyday treat but something the whole family can enjoy and might stop you from wolfing down that entire selection box. 

pic from @newfoodsuk on Instagram

I know what else you’ve always wanted: butter in the shape of Santa! If you’re wondering ‘why?’, let me counter with: WHY NOT? It’s Christmas! Scrape your butter for your toast off Santa’s head! Get it from Morrisons.

Quote of the week

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in the muscles.” – Unknown

Be resilient and keep going.



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