So it’s started “De Bunk The Chunk” has commenced, As you know I had my induction Sunday at the gym , the weigh in was as expected so no surprise there, same as I had measured 166.4 KG.

Small talk with the instructor was good making me feel comfortable so I could let them know what I wanted, most of all to lose this fat shit along with a realistic goal. First goal for me is not to look like a twat on our team charity walk up Snowdon (In Wales, UK) 9 miles there and back with approx 950 / 1000m climb due in July. Hopefully by then with a lot of hard work I’ll have some stamina.

After the induction I stayed for a further 30 mins just to test my current limits…. I even managed a trip Monday as planned in my lunch break. Plan is to go in first thing tomorrow as meetings all day, this would be the last thing I’d want to do after work…. Early start and weirdly looking forward to it.

Thanks for all the support I’ve received so far and to Jason @thatsitivehadit

Anyhow my full measurements below anyone able to do a 3D model print LOL?

M1 = Weight=166.4Kg

M2 = Neck=40cm (19.25″)

M3= Chest=147.5cm (58″)

M4=Upper Arm=45.5cm (18″)

M5=Waist=153.5 (60.25″)

M6=Hips=143.5cm (56.5″)

M7=Thighs=80cm (31.5″)

M8=Calf=50.5cm (19.75″)