Coffee drip: #MVFNewsround 13/12/19

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We write these in advance, so hello to the future – I hope the UK isn’t too screwed by the General Election results that have come out by the time you read this on Friday morning. Gulp. Let’s take our mind off things by catching up with this week’s news…


The MVF team headed up to Blackpool this week as the Blackpool and Preston MAN v FAT Football leagues participated in a friendly. We had a great time and saw some fantastic footie. We also got to hear some great feedback from the guys, so thanks to everyone who attended for your time. Want to host a similar night at your league against a neighbouring league? Email us on to discuss how we can set one up in 2020.

Ok, this is amazing – the guys in the picture above have lost FORTY. TWO. STONE between them. That’s 588lbs, nine Dalmatians or six toilets (you’re welcome). We only wish they’d somehow gotten together before their amazing weight loss success to create a before pic together, but courtesy of Andy we’ve got the next best thing (thanks for the pic AND the bomb nipples, Andy!)

Follow the guys on Instagram here, here and here to keep up with their astonishing weight loss progress.


We’ve gone competition crazy here at MAN v FAT with our sort-of advent. We say sort-of, because we’re skipping weekends, but on every weekday from now until Christmas Eve you can be in with the chance of winning a prize – we’ve had food, drink, MAN v FAT Football prizes and there are many more exciting things to come. We’re launching one competition a day, but they’re all open until Christmas Eve so there’s still time to go on a competition bender and enter them all by heading to the competitions page here.

Researchers reckon that food packaging should tell us how many calories we’d have to burn to ‘work off’ the food contained insideThis will mean seeing things like ‘this pizza will take four hours of walking to burn off’ on the packaging. It’s thought that making us appreciate just how much work it takes to exercise away those calories will lead to us making healthier choices. One perspective on it that’s worth considering is that of Hope Virgo, who has written that it would trigger her eating disorder if this came to pass. Read her take on it here.

If you’re still intent on getting your 15 mins of fame, there’s a new health and fitness TV show that wants you to take part. The Food and Fitness Chain (working title) is a new format about becoming the best version of yourself, produced by TV company Definitely, who are a part of the Endamol Shine Group. They’re looking for people who have transformed their body through fitness and diet, and those who are looking to change their lifestyle and improve their fitness in 2020. If you’re over 18 and fancy giving it a shot, you can apply here if you’ve already transformed your body, or here if you’re aiming to do so in the new year.



Ever wondered why people in Spain are so healthy? Um, no, me either, but I bet you’re wondering about it now! The answer according to people who live there is that they eat predominantly fresh, homecooked food, go for long walks and have a siesta whenever they’re sleepy. So now you know.

Reliant on a mug of coffee (or 5) to get going in the morning? Give yourself more of a natural boost by following Harvard Medical School’s tips for upping your energy here.

Speaking of having no energy, do you find yourself struggling to sleep? According to the author, this is the ONE sleep hack that’s guaranteed to work – and it’s all in the mind…


When the days are long and chilly and you’re full of cold (hello), nothing quite hits the spot like a stew. Make a huge pot of it, packed full of veg and lean chunks of meat and feast on it for the rest of the week – there’s nothing better in the winter. Being Welsh, I’m all about cawl, but any kind of stew will warm you up.

Obviously we’re saving this for the big day but it is our duty as lovers of bonkers food to let you know that you can bring a lil sparkle to your Christmas dinner this year with Popaball’s Glitter Gravy. According to the Amazon listing, it is GUARANTEED to make your Christmas guests smile, so if you want to see Aunt Gladys grin swap your Bisto for this glitter-filled gravy instead. And no, it doesn’t just look like badly mixed Bisto, how dare you. Get it on the Popaball website here  – £5.99 for 12 servings. And if you do buy it, please report back on whether it makes your wee glittery.

Ahh we do love a good old festive sausage roll, and these mini ones from Higgidy sound amazing – pork and cranberry with chestnuts and orange marmalade. They’re 66 calories per sausage roll and available for £3 from Sainsbury’s.


We’re launching a brand new MAN v FAT Football league in Stalybridge in the new year, and Stalybridge Celtic FC got together to show us their support. Thanks guys! If you’re in the area, you can sign up here.


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