Charity begins at home…and away – #MVFNewsround 2/7

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We've said it before and we'll say it again - the MAN v FAT community is the best, most supportive bunch of guys you could hope to find anywhere, and this week we're beaming with pride to see the Newcastle lads raise money for a very good cause through footie. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the MAN v FAT community is the best, most supportive bunch of guys you could hope to find anywhere, and this week we’re beaming with pride to see the Newcastle lads raise money for a very good cause through footie. 

News from MAN v FAT

The guys from the Newcastle MAN v FAT Football league hold a charity match every year to remember MVF Newcastle player Mal Curry, who sadly passed away. 

This year’s 11 a side game was in aid of the Great North Children’s Hospital’s children’s cancer ward, which does phenomenal work and takes care of one of the Newcastle player’s sons. 

A huge well done to everyone involved and a hearty thank you to the team that organised the match and the evening do – Ray Carty, Martin Robson, Darren Power and Kelly Power Scott. What a fantastic way to honour Mal. 

Did you know that we have an Australian lil bro called MAN v FAT Soccer? We love seeing their progress and we’re celebrating with MVFS player David, who has lost 15% of his body weight since joining. Bravo David! Check out his story here.

We’re hiring! We’re on the lookout for a digital marketing executive and a sales and marketing executive to join our team. It’s a very exciting time to be a part of MAN v FAT as we continue to grow. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping us to support men around the world to reach their weight loss goals, so if that’s you – apply now via the links above. 

Last time I posted about new roles, I got a few questions about whether we’d consider MAN v FAT Football players. The answer? Absolutely! Many of the HQ team started off as players, and who better to help us shape the future of MAN v FAT than the people who have been through it themselves? That’s not to say that you’d be a shoo-in, but it’s definitely a plus point. 

In other news...

If you’re a crisp fiend, you might want to reconsider. A very interesting bit of research published recently in the Journal of American Heart Association looked at the eating habits of over 20,000 people over 12 years, and the findings are not kind to our fave savoury snacks.

People who ate starchy snacks after dinner had the highest chance of dying from causes such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, and those who snacked on fruit had a lower mortality rate.

The study also looked at ‘Western’ diets (defined as being high in cured meats, cheese and carbs like white bread) and found that the mortality rate was high in those who ate a typically Western lunch. Um, might want to give that ham and cheese sandwich with a packet of crisps lunchbox a miss, then.

You can read the full study here, which goes into detail about the importance of the timing of what you eat as well as what you eat.

Weight loss guinea pig Dr Michael Moseley has a new podcast that focuses on the simple things you can do to improve your health (yay for simple!). So he’s given BBC Focus magazine his top 10 simple shortcuts to getting healthy. And they’re not bonkers, hurrah.

What we're eating

image from The Grocer

No, this isn’t a weird flavour of beer, this is actually a cooking sauce. In a can! Potts’ has already made the switch to ‘beer’ cans for its ready-made stocks, and now it’s doing the same with its sauces. Using metal cans means that the packaging can now be recycled more easily, saving on plastic use. You can find these two at Tesco for £2.30 each.

Stuffed peppers and mushrooms sound boring but they’re actually delicious as hell while being fairly decent, calorie-wise. Paxo has made it super easy to knock up some stuffed vegetables with their veggie fillers, which contain a mix of breadcrumbs, herbs and seasoning. There’s sundried tomato and oregano (98 cals per portion) for peppers and spicy Mediterranean for mushrooms (86 cals per portion), but I promise I won’t tell if you fancy a sundried tomato and oregano mushroom or a spicy Mediterranean pepper.


Great to see the lads down at MAN v FAT Football Bath showing us how it’s done. Check out all those 5% certificates!


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