Weight Loss

Running For Fat Loss

One of my clients asked me whether running was the best way to get fit, or get thinner. In a word, NO!!I absolutely can’t express this enough, even though it can be an awesome way to lose weight, at the right time and for the right person. with the right nutrition behind them AND pre-run-conditioning Think about this….You’ve been sat on the couch for the best part of year, and

Perspective: The Groan of the Chair

Have you ever had one of those moments where it feels like the back of your head is going to pop off because you just got hit with a megawatt idea on your little kilowatt processor? I was thinking about the concept of perspective, and what perspective really means in life. For me, it means quite a bit. I live on the other side of the planet from anyone I

Metformin – We learn by our mistakes

Bank Holiday Monday (5th May) It had been one of those days, loads to do and not enough time so was downstairs early, kettle on doing some bits was in and out and remembered questioning, did I remember to take my tablet,  which I did with my cup of tea after several kettle reboils with rushing around. The day progressed and although I would return to doing a few competitions

Weightwatchers V MyFitnessPal

I’ve just been looking at switching from WeightWatchers to MyFitnessPal but having entered in all the relevant info have found MFP wildly at odds with WW calculations. For instance on WW I was given 47 points a day which equates to roughly 1800 calories and was losing between 1-2lbs/week, sometimes more sometimes less. MFP has taken all my stats into consideration and allotted me 1200 calories a day with a

The Night Before

OK ,so my journey begins tomorrow. 11:00 induction at the gym and I’m already a little apprehensive but prepared. Even time this evening to plan Gym visits next week fitted in with my work schedule. On the down side today I decided to jump on the scales for the unofficial weigh in, just so I don’t look too surprised tomorrow, 166.9 Kg (26.28 Stone) holey moley this is the heaviest I’ve ever