Weight Loss

Week 16 – Weigh On Wednesday – 289lb – 1lb more to go

Hello there If only 1 more pound to go were true, weighing 289lb this week means 27lb lost since January 1st and 1lb more to go until the 2stone lost marker With just 1 more week until a 1/3rd way to the year disappearing I can confirm not on target, no, nay, never….. This is where SELF BELIEF, PMA & HARD GRAFT – HAVE TO START !!! To get myself

Slimming World Update

Weight Loss Diary (April) – Karl Grey Name – Karl Grey Location – Redditch, Worcestershire Diet Started – 06/01/2014 Starting Weight 19st 13lbs 13 weeks in 28lbs – lost Current Weight 17st 13lbs Diet Plan – Slimming World This month I have hit an important milestone, 2 stones off. I consider it important because it is exactly 1/3 of the total weight I want to lose. It is also 10%

How I lost 19lbs in twelve weeks…

If you want to lose weight, really lose weight then you need to do something different to what you’ve always done. So I did. I changed my diet. But I didn’t stop eating. I ate the right things. Three months later and I’d dropped 19lbs and ran a sub-3-hour marathon. Here’s how…  

Why Dragons’ Den Should Leave Crowdfunding Sites Alone

Currently, I’m running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to launch MAN v FAT, a free digital magazine and website for men who want to lose weight (get your free copy here!). It’s going very well and with six days left, we’ve hit 72% of our target. Not only that but we’ve amassed over 1,500 subscribers, had support from the amazing Jamie Oliver and built relationships with some fantastic organisations like Heart