Weight Loss

Metformin – We learn by our mistakes

Bank Holiday Monday (5th May) It had been one of those days, loads to do and not enough time so was downstairs early, kettle on doing some bits was in and out and remembered questioning, did I remember to take my tablet,  which I did with my cup of tea after several kettle reboils with rushing around. The day progressed and although I would return to doing a few competitions

Weightwatchers V MyFitnessPal

I’ve just been looking at switching from WeightWatchers to MyFitnessPal but having entered in all the relevant info have found MFP wildly at odds with WW calculations. For instance on WW I was given 47 points a day which equates to roughly 1800 calories and was losing between 1-2lbs/week, sometimes more sometimes less. MFP has taken all my stats into consideration and allotted me 1200 calories a day with a

The Night Before

OK ,so my journey begins tomorrow. 11:00 induction at the gym and I’m already a little apprehensive but prepared. Even time this evening to plan Gym visits next week fitted in with my work schedule. On the down side today I decided to jump on the scales for the unofficial weigh in, just so I don’t look too surprised tomorrow, 166.9 Kg (26.28 Stone) holey moley this is the heaviest I’ve ever

“You are being fat! Stop it!”

One of the things I love the most about living immersed in another culture are the very different and sometimes candid responses to body image I hear from people. When I first came to Southeast Asia several years ago, I went to the doctor for a routine checkup. When I walked into the office, the 4’10” and 90lb nurse looked at me and said, “OOOOOHOOOO! You fat!” I was somewhat

The Final Stone

I thought it was about time I chipped in with my own post about where I am with my weight loss. For some reason though the last few days has been rather busy, but this is important to me so I’m putting deadlines on hold for a moment to kick off my own blogging on this here men’s weight loss site… I’m something of a hypocrite because although I featured