Weight Loss

Week two: Nice – sugar withdrawal and request for help!

Week 2 – and my weight today is 158.9 KG down from 163.3KG. And to be honest I’ve done fairly little. In fact I have had a cheat meal and intend to have one tomorrow (seeing a long lost friend!). I have used my fitness pal and kept my calories under 2200 per day and I have been finding that I nearly always go 300/400 calories under that – and

THE BET! …with myself?

OK so i started on the 7th of May i need to lose weight fact! but i am motivated by competition so started a bet with one of my sales managers he also carries a little Belly weight! i bet him an absurd amount of money that i would lose more weight than him he is nice and competitive so away we went but within 7 days we both realized