Honest Supplement Reviews: Thermolean Power Up Fat Burners

Product: Thermolean Power Up Best Price: £9.99 for 90 capsules if you’re happy shopping off eBAY or £24.99 for 90 capsules if you’re not (Boots) What does the PR say: “Need to get to a competitive weight or just need some help burning fat then Thermolean ‘s unique formula is the perfect daily supplement for you.” Reviewed by: Stephen Morrison. Belly Fat: The final frontier. Despite having lost over 160lbs, I

The Experiment Every My Fitness Pal User Needs To See

There was a discussion recently among MAN v FAT readers about how different apps and exercise monitors will attribute sometimes massively different calorie counts to the same exercise session. Clearly, if you’re following a calorie counting route to lose weight then this stuff can mean the difference between a loss and a gain – it is also one of the leading causes of those horrible plateaus that we all experience some times. To

One Good Reason You Should Vote For Us In The #UKBlogAwards

Let me start with an admission: I am just as skeptical of these “Please vote for us” awards as you are. More often than not they are a big ego play on behalf of the website owner, a traffic hunt from the award organiser and the only thing that they actually do is clog up Facebook and Twitter with blogs appealing for votes. That’s not healthy for anyone. However, there’s one very good reason that

Get your exclusive preview of The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual

Are you ready to lose weight? Sick of diet books that tell you to quit carbs, buy expensive equipment or follow complicated plans? So were we. That’s why we wrote the MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual, a no bullshit account of everything you need to lose weight forever, with no tricks, diets or gimmicks. We’ve got an exclusive free preview for MAN v FAT readers. Simply click on the

Welcome Back To MAN v FAT

Miss us? Course you did. Shhhhhh! Shhhhh! There, there! Hush chil’, we’re back now. Hopefully, you can already see that we’ve spent the time since last we chatted usefully. Let’s just take a whistle-stop tour of some of the new elements on MAN v FAT, but brace yourself – there’s ! going ! to ! be ! exclamation ! marks! A whole new look! We’ve killed the pointless front page,