Five Best IFTTT Recipes for Weight Loss

If you don’t know how IFTTT works then let us explain it to you – oh wait, we just did! IFTTT (If That, Then This) is a website that allows you to link applications and have them communicate with each other when triggered by a predetermined action. For example, if you’re the forgetful type, you could link your phone’s wireless setting to its GPS, so that if you leave the house,

We Sent One Man Into Five Shops To Try Five XXL T-Shirts – Here’s What Happened

Ok, ok, ok – we all *know* that sizes are completely off the chart stupid. We know it in our heart of hearts. That’s why we all experience that crushing gloom when we think of ourselves as an L, XL or XXL and suddenly a shop slaps us in the face and tells us, “Oh, no sugarlumps, you’re wayyyyyy worse than that.” What we wanted to show with this little experiment

DEXA Scans Arrive In The UK – What Are You Made Of?

What are you made of? Now of course I had always been told that it was snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tails. But there comes a point in your weight loss journey where the body composition feels more important than your exact weight. You see, the truth is that we don’t want to lose weight. The site is not called MAN v WEIGHT. We want to lose fat. And to

Where Else Can You Discuss Being Fat During The Apocalypse?

There are two parts to MAN v FAT: content and community. Content is exactly the sort of high quality journalism you’re reading at this very second. The community is to be found right over here – Talk is the sort of place where you can get advice about a diet question you don’t understand, laugh at someone getting locked outside of a swimming pool on a busy road in Manchester or

Free Tool For In-Depth Health Insights Launches On MAN v FAT

We’re very proud to announce the launch of a free new tool on MAN v FAT this week. Someone smash a bottle of champagne on something – The Health Report is LAUNCHED! Click the image to check it out and try it for yourself: We created the Health Report simply because the range of health tools for men out there seemed to be lacking a number of things. We wanted