Is the Garmin Forerunner 735XT worth the money?

Product: Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Multisport Watch Best Price: £332.98 (yes you read that correctly) from handtec What Does the PR Say: Basically that all other GPS watches should kneel before their new God This watch: Tracks your performance over a multitude of sports using advanced dynamics Uses the Garmin Elevate Optical Heart Rate sensor (no chest straps required) Connects to all your Garmin Gadgets including the Varia Range Connects

Are the Garmin Index Smart Scales Any Good?

WHAT: Garmin Index Smart Scales COST: £119.99 (cheapest price currently from Amazon) WHY: Because it knows your name! WHO: Reviewed by How Many Miles (talk to him on the forum for more details) Cheers, the bar where everyone knows your name. I’ll always remember the rapturous welcome that Norm would receive as he entered his home from home and I’ll always remember a former senior colleague asking a bemused door steward

Five Ways You’re Doing My Fitness Pal Wrong – and How To Fix Them

MyFitnessPal can be a great, free (currently) tool for weight loss, allowing the user to log calorie intake and exercise and to set goals for same. In return you get some custom graphs and infographics that vary from useful to WTF. Unfortunately, if you’re using MyFitnessPal and you aren’t seeing positive results in your weight loss, the bottom line – nay, the fact – is that you as the user, whether

MAN v FAT Training Gear Now Available!

Have we got some good news for you, we finally got the samples back on the quality MAN v FAT training gear we’ve been looking for and they’re bloody ace so we’re starting to sell them. We’ve been looking for something that is available in bigger sizes too and we’re *still* looking for technical training tops bigger than 3XL. We will update as soon as that becomes possible.  MAN v FAT

What Happens When You Put An Ultra Marathon Runner In A Fat Suit?

If you’ve got access to an ultra-marathon runner and a scientifically-designed “fat suit” that is designed to simulate the experience of being morbidly obese the only sensible course of action is to put those two things together. This was the case with MAN v FAT when the absurdly fit Liam Almond said he’d be happy to wear the suit. This is what we learned… So Liam – you’re a pretty