A Beginners’ Guide To Mindful Eating

OK, so it’s pretty obvious that very few of us need a guide to the technical how-to of eating per se. Get food, put in mouth, job done. Whether you’re stuffing a burger down your throat, spooning beluga onto blinis or sucking freeze-dried astronaut food into your mouth – all of us have a fairly good idea of how to eat. But what is this bobbins we keep hearing about mindful eating and

Week three: Guilty

Well Week Three didn’t go so well for me. I feel embarrassed writing this – I was going to wait until the end of this week before I wrote about my progress. I went away for a couple days and I ate and drank a lot of unhealthy stuff – and I became quite down. But I realised a few things: One of my triggers is celebration. I use food/alcohol

Two hours at the supermarket checkout

Not me, thankfully, but that’s how long it took these people on a TV programme I watched. It was called Extreme Couponing! Yes, someone made a show about people who save coupons. Basically these people give up huge chunks of their time to saving every single coupon the can find that gives money off in the supermarket. It’s not like finding a few in the local paper. The enlist their

Change your eating habits for life

“I have to just cut out all the junk and i’ll be ok” What a statement! A huge statement made so flippantly without any kind of understanding of the sheer magnitude of it for so many reasons. It was this statement that led to waffle (*hilarious food joke klaxon*) on about the below. ‘Cutting out’ *Pauses to find the right words here because this concept is unfathomable to Dietitians*…. Why

Food and emotions

Food and emotion. Food has become emotion for me. When I have it I’m happy and when I don’t I am sad, anxious and angry.  I am not the only one who feels this way and that is deeply saddening. But what concerns me more is that there are many other men who have an emotional attachment to food but ignore its significance. As blokes we don’t talk about emotion