The 24 Worst Things About Being A Fat Man

Being fat doesn’t come with a list of the special nuggets of misery that appear when you hit BMI 25+, which is a shame as a bit of warning would be nice. Fortunately, we’ve polled the Brains Trust of the MAN v FAT forum and put together 24 of the worst things about being a fat bloke. Read them and weep. 1. People stare at your food in the supermarket trolley You’re

I Eat Bugs, You Should Too

The bowl was set on the table in front of me next to the bottle of beer with a metallic clink. My mind did not even bother to process what it was that had been set in front of me; I was looking out over the Gulf of Thailand, talking, drinking and having fun. Besides, who would set anything other than peanuts in front of someone at a bar? My

Welcome Back To MAN v FAT

Miss us? Course you did. Shhhhhh! Shhhhh! There, there! Hush chil’, we’re back now. Hopefully, you can already see that we’ve spent the time since last we chatted usefully. Let’s just take a whistle-stop tour of some of the new elements on MAN v FAT, but brace yourself – there’s ! going ! to ! be ! exclamation ! marks! A whole new look! We’ve killed the pointless front page,

5 Things Soft Drink Fans Do Not Want To Hear

In the last few years a backlash has begun against fizzy drinks, people attack Coke and Pepsi with a fervour that is usually reserved for Twitter kneejerk reactions. We’re all for open discussion around these issues and suggest that you always look at the research for yourself before deciding what goes in (and out) of your body. So in the cold light of day why should you think twice before

Ruudz No Alcohol Drinks

One recurring theme that comes up time and again with men’s weight loss is alcohol. If it’s not the calories in the stuff we consume, then it’s the actions that it leads to either when we’re a few sheets to the wind, or the day after as we attempt to appease the hangover Gods with lashings of sandwiches and crisps. Of course, there’s always the option not to drink, but