One Good Reason You Should Vote For Us In The #UKBlogAwards

Let me start with an admission: I am just as skeptical of these “Please vote for us” awards as you are. More often than not they are a big ego play on behalf of the website owner, a traffic hunt from the award organiser and the only thing that they actually do is clog up Facebook and Twitter with blogs appealing for votes. That’s not healthy for anyone. However, there’s one very good reason that

From Om To Mmm: Mindful Eating For Men

Mindful eating might sound like a terrible 70s concept album, but anyone facing a battle with fat should pay attention because it might just be the single easiest way to lose weight ever devised. We’ve published a beginner’s guide to mindful eating, but here MAN v FAT user and doctor Ben George tells us how he’s used it to help him shift weight.  One of the biggest challenges I have

Is The Eatwell Plate About To Change? Professor Kevin Fenton Interview Exclusive

Professor Kevin Fenton is the Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England. That means he’s the man responsible for a number of health campaigns that aim to help men to beat fat. MAN v FAT got the chance to talk to him about his views on obesity, carbs, the ever-controversial Eatwell Plate and whether enough is being done to support men.  Hi Kevin, thanks for taking the time to

Get your exclusive preview of The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual

Are you ready to lose weight? Sick of diet books that tell you to quit carbs, buy expensive equipment or follow complicated plans? So were we. That’s why we wrote the MAN v FAT Weight Loss Manual, a no bullshit account of everything you need to lose weight forever, with no tricks, diets or gimmicks. We’ve got an exclusive free preview for MAN v FAT readers. Simply click on the

How To Food Shop Like A Weight Loss Boss

Food shopping is a pain in the arse. From the car parking spaces that would be a squeeze for a Matchbox car, to the incessant questions about loyalty cards (“Yes, of course, I have one. No, of course, I don’t know where it is.”) Food shopping can also place a real strain on your weight loss efforts with Special Offers on calorie-rich foods tempting you away from your diet. MAN v FAT have put