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Welcome Back To MAN v FAT

Miss us? Course you did. Shhhhhh! Shhhhh! There, there! Hush chil’, we’re back now. Hopefully, you can already see that we’ve spent the time since last we chatted usefully. Let’s just take a whistle-stop tour of some of the new elements on MAN v FAT, but brace yourself – there’s ! going ! to ! be ! exclamation ! marks! A whole new look! We’ve killed the pointless front page,

Amazing Loser – Vince Millett

Ask Vince anything on MAN v FAT Talk (@vincemillett) Age: 53 Height – 5’10” (177 cm) Runs Broken Drum Records Heaviest weight: 17 stones 3 lbs (109.3kg) Target weight: 11 stones 7 lbs (73kg) Many years ago I was on holiday with friends in Jordan and we were walking up a mountain in Petra, the famous city carved in the rocks and we got chatting with this little Bedouin girl who

Amazing Loser – Dave Beevers

Age: 58 Lives: Bolton Job: Journalist Height: 6ft 3in Highest weight: 153kg Lowest weight: 98kg Your weight loss journey started in tragic circumstances, what happened? My motivation for turning things around was the death of my wife Diane, who I lost to breast cancer in February 2013. I was consumed by grief and fear – seeing someone who was your whole life for so long be taken away from you