The best non-chocolate advent calendars 2017

Bored of Cadbury’s, not a fan of chocolate or just fancy something fun to open every day in December? You might be wondering what advent calendar you should buy this year (because that’s not just a thing that kids do, right?) but never fear – we’ve got you covered with the 10 best non-chocolate advent calendars of 2017.

The best non-chocolate advent calendars 2017

The Big Chilli Advent Calendar

This box of 24 mouth-tingling chillis comes with tasting notes and recipes so you’ll be a chilli expert by Christmas Day. Just don’t add any to the turkey, ok?

Get it from Sous Chef for £35

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

The press talks about this one as if it’s for kids, but who wouldn’t love getting a bit of Lego every day for a month?! There are minifigures, starships and vehicles to ensure you have a galactic countdown to Christmas (sorry).

Get it from John Lewis for £23

Pork Scratchings Advent Calendar

You’d have to really love pork scratchings to eat a little pack every day, but if you’re a fan then this huge advent calendar is stuffed full of porky goodness with flavours ranging from salt and vinegar to pigs in blankets (there’s definitely a joke to be made here…)

Get it from Not On The High Street for £17.50

ClarinsMen Advent Calendar

Everything you need to wake up on Christmas Day feeling clean-shaven and b-e-a-uuuutiful.

Get it from Boots for £60

Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

If you like coffee but your idea of adventurous is to go for the Tesco Finest coffee instead of Nescafe then drink your way around the world with this advent calendar from coffee makers PerkuLatte, featuring 24 little bags of coffee to enjoy every day.

Get it from their website for £40.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

This calendar features 24 different craft beers from 23 breweries in 7 countries and is perfect for those who are on board with the current trend for craft beer. Is having a beer every day something we should be encouraging you to do? Possibly not, but hey.

Get it from Beer Hawk for £65

Cheese Advent Calendar

For 24 nights of weird dreams pick up this advent calendar from food blogger So Wrong It’s Nom. It features Applewood, Mexicana and Jarlsberg cheeses among others.

Get it from Asda for £8.

Pringles Advent Calendar

Enjoy a mini tub of Pringles every (other) day in December – that’s if you can find one, as they’ve proven SO popular that they’re selling on eBay for twice the price. Which just makes you wonder if the people buying them on eBay have heard of, oh I don’t know, a regular sized tube of Pringles?

Get it from B&M Bargains for £7.99. If you’re lucky.

Kellogg’s Advent Calendar

If you’re a huge fan of cereal (and who isn’t?) then count down the 24 bowls ’til Christmas with all your faves. Cornflakes? Yep. Rice Krispies? Oh yes. Coco Pops? You betcha. What a month.

Get it from Tesco for £4.

Protein Bar Advent Calendar

The best thing about going to the gym for me was the vending machine which was stuffed full of (expensive) protein bars. Will this one actually taste like a Snickers? Let’s find out! Eat your way around the gym locker room with this calendar, which includes 24 mystery protein bars.

Get it from MyProtein for £50.

The ‘Be Your Own Cheerleader’ Advent Calendar

If you really fancy giving yourself a little push to lose those stubborn few pounds before Christmas then you could also make your own little advent calendar by writing 24 little messages of encouragement to yourself that you read every morning. This idea was floated by one of the MVF team but would you really want a note to yourself scrawled on a Post-It Note when you could have a Star Wars minifig?! Exactly.

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  1. oh my. A chilli advent calendar. I might be pressing ‘buy’ in the next few picoseconds…

  2. What does Lego taste like? Is it nice? How about the calories?
    Are there more calories in a wookie than an ewok?

  3. Wookies taste far better but the longer fur gets stuck in your teeth.

  4. Avatar for JLHS JLHS says:

    Man, wish we had these in Canada!

  5. Avatar for emma1 emma1 says:

    I saw the Greggs one this morning, typical it was after this post went live!

  6. Love the idea of the chilli one, might have to say to the other half to get it for me.

    I’m quite a fan of the candle advent calendars though.

  7. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    The proliferation of advent calendars one of the nice bits about the commercialisation of Christmas. So much better than those cheap cardboard things with a boring picture behind them. I bought one of these for my wife last year. Wasn’t expecting it to be great but she really loved it.

  8. Avatar for Adrian Adrian says:

    Nice post but can’t help thinking the journalist side of @admin has taken over. Here we are trying to loose weight and he’s encouraging us to think of pork scratchings, cheese, pringles and beer as alternatives to chocolate.

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