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Can Fat Men Do An Iron Man – Chapter Two

“Identify your dreams and work backwards, using milestones to track and celebrate your progress. Progress doesn’t have to be becoming the best, but simply by becoming better. Better today, than you were yesterday and better tomorrow, than you are today.” This is an excerpt from my Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine Lay View and it will guide me on my journey from Fatman to Ironman.  These words were original spoken by Frank

Can Fat Men Do…An Iron Man?

On Jan 9th 2011, I weighed myself and noted with horror the reading on the scale.  354lbs. On Jan 10th 2011, I told the world that I would run a marathon. Well, I told my office and a few people politely smiled and a few people laughed. How many times had I promised to myself and to others that I would lose weight? How many times had I failed, only

Is the Garmin Forerunner 735XT worth the money?

Product: Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Multisport Watch Best Price: £332.98 (yes you read that correctly) from handtec What Does the PR Say: Basically that all other GPS watches should kneel before their new God This watch: Tracks your performance over a multitude of sports using advanced dynamics Uses the Garmin Elevate Optical Heart Rate sensor (no chest straps required) Connects to all your Garmin Gadgets including the Varia Range Connects

MAN v FAT Goes Hydrospinning

You can lead a man to water, but many a large bloke will agree that swimming pools are places that too many of us avoid. Even post weight loss, the walk of shame from the changing rooms to the pool is just too difficult at times. I remember before I lost weight being asked if I needed to be helped back out to sea, or warned not to jump in