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How to get rid of man boobs

Jack Nicholson’s had them for years. The Hoff has an enormous pair. Tom Cruise is just getting them. They’ve launched a thousand memes and even inspired a Seinfeld episode. Do we want them? No. No, we don’t, because we’re talking man boobs here. Moobs, mitties, whatever you call them – nobody wants them. But lots of us are stuck with them. So the question is: how to get rid of

The worst things about growing up fat

Ahh schooldays…..brilliant weren’t they? Happiest days of your life. Captain of the football team, most popular boy in the class. Sometimes you look back on old photos of your happy smiling self, surrounded by all the girls who fought for your attention, and wish you could be back there if only for just one more incredible day. No, you don’t, you bloody liar. Because we were fat kids. And growing