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Recipe: Protein power pizza

I LOVE pizza. Dough. Tomatoes. Cheese. Meat (or veggies, I’m not fussy). What’s not to love? I dread to think how much of my money Domino’s has commandeered over the years and the worst part is that I always feel so guilty when I fire up the Domino’s website after a long day at work, not only because of what pizza plus sides and cookies are doing to my waistline

RECIPE: Caribbean chicken burrito with pineapple salsa

All the exciting things winter has to offer have been and gone and we want summer NOW. Wanting to see daylight when we go to work and again when we come home is a very simple wish, and it’s surely about time we got to ditch the layers and turn the heating off. With that in mind, we’re putting the slow cooker away for another year and saying goodbye to

RECIPE: Smoked salmon teriyaki

Oriental foods are a go-to choice when it comes to wanting something fast and tasty to eat, but much of the food ordered from takeaways are full of fat and generally not very healthy, so why not make your own? This may look like it has loads of ingredients, but keep the herbs and spices in your cupboard and then you’ll always have the basics of delicious teriyaki. This dish is

RECIPE: Tomato and cream cheese soup

If you’re stuck for simple lunch ideas and are sick of sandwiches then you need our easy tomato and cream cheese soup. I know what you’re thinking – cream cheese? In a soup?! But trust us – this is a creamy bowl of comfort and the cream cheese is just a lower-calorie way of getting that creaminess in without using calorie-dense cream. Serve with a slice of bread (or crudites