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Recipe: Watermelon slush

As the weather hots up and everyone starts reaching for the ice cream, it can leave you wondering WTF you can have that will cool you down, not break the calorie bank and which is (most importantly) equally as nice as a Cornetto. Say hello to our watermelon slush, which is one of those ridiculously simple recipes that looks a lot more involved than it actually is – perfect for

Recipe: Chimichanga beef burritos

Spicy beef, crispy tortillas, chunky guac and sour cream come together in this delicious recipe for chimichanga beef burritos. Despite the long list of ingredients, making this Mexican treat couldn’t be simpler and if you keep your kitchen fully stocked with jars of spices, and wraps in the freezer, then you can have this ready to go whenever you like.  This is an excellent recipe to know how to make as

RECIPE: Low calorie hot cross bun doughnuts

Looking for a low calorie hot cross bun? Let’s raise the stakes a little: how about a low calorie hot cross bun doughnut? A 100 calorie hot cross bun doughnut? Oh yes. With Easter just around the corner and sweet treats just about everywhere you look, there’s no need to feel like you are missing out. These doughnuts do take a little while to make but all good things come

Recipe: Guinness beef ribs with colcannon mash

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Have you ever cooked with Guinness? It lends itself extremely well to cooking, especially when paired with beef, giving it a great depth of flavour. Guinness is also surprisingly low in calories – with 155 calories per 440ml, compared to 127 calories per 440ml can of Bud Light, it can also be a good choice for a night out, or if you’ve any left after cooking. Chef

RECIPE: The not-so-dirty doner kebab

Kebabs and guilt seem to go hand-in-hand as their reputation as end-of-the-night, greasy drunk food proves difficult to shake, but it’s not all bad. There’s salad and pitta bread, and as long as you don’t go overboard on the sauces a kebab has got more going for it in the health stakes than a lot of takeaway options, especially if you opt for a chicken shish kebab, which is high