WIN Twochubbycubs Fast and Filling: The Cookbook

win twochubbycubs

Kicking off our bumper month of competitions to celebrate launching the 100th MAN v FAT Football club is your chance to win a copy of Twochubbycubs‘ Fast and Filling cookbook, rammed with 100 filling and delicious recipes, all of which are 500 calories or fewer. Here’s what Amazon reviewers have to say about it: “None […]

MAN v FAT Football launches 100th club

In September, we reached an incredible milestone when we launched the 100th MAN v FAT Football Club. That’s ONE HUNDRED MAN v FAT Football locations across the UK helping men to improve their health! The very first MAN v FAT Football Club (or league, as it was then known), launched in Solihull in 2016 when […]

Low Calorie Baking: Beat Your Great British Bake Off FOMO

It’s Great British Bake Off time, and you obviously can’t watch it without a slice of cake or two, am I right or am I right? But when you’re losing weight, the 10 weeks of Bake Off is a long time to be busy snacking on stroopwafels, munching on mille-feuille or devouring dampfnudel. So we’ve rounded […]

Glory for Wales in MAN v FAT’s National Tournament

The silverware headed to Wales on Saturday as MAN v FAT Newport’s Conquered All The Chippys ran out winners in the latest MAN v FAT National Tournament. 300 MAN v FAT players descended on the FA’s prestigious St George’s Park venue to compete in this year’s tournament – the first in two years after COVID […]

He-Man’s 8 pack: Amazing Loser Justin Boswick

There’s nothing we love more when it comes to Amazing Losers than someone really getting into it and sharing their thoughts about weight loss. There’s so much to say, and it’s so reassuring when someone just gets it. Like Justin here, who has a very balanced approach to weight loss, recognising that sometimes ‘life just calls for a […]

Are you a part of our club?

MAN v FAT leagues across the country will get a new look in late 2021 and beyond, as we launch MAN v FAT Clubs to make our community in the 100+ locations in the UK even stronger! Nearly 6,000 men participate in MAN v FAT Football on a weekly basis at present, with the number […]

How to start exercising

How to start exercising

If you’ve decided that you want to start improving your health, starting to exercise is a great step towards healthy living. But if so far the most exercise you’ve been doing is trips to and from the fridge, the world of exercise can be baffling. How do you start exercising? Where do you even begin? […]

How To Be A Great Diet Friend

Following on from why your mates don’t want you to lose weight we thought you might like a refresher on how to be the perfect diet friend. So here are five things you might be doing wrong if your pal is trying to lose weight and how to fix them so go on, be a […]

Chasing goals: Amazing Loser Steve Swan

This week’s Amazing Loser Steve joined MAN v FAT Challenge to give him a weight loss boost – the weekly goals gave him something to focus on, and the team spirit helped to encourage him to shift those stubborn pounds. Here’s his story. Name: Steve Swan Age: 62 Location: Bridgwater Height: 5ft 7 Start weight: 108kg (17st, […]