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Love it or hate it: #MVFNewsround

We’re back with a bang this week: teaming up with FIFA (sadly not for a MAN v FAT Football PS4 game), launching new MAN v FAT Football leagues and er, eating peanut butter and Marmite. Together. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues MAN v FAT Football was featured by none other than FIFA this week, with the footballing giant featuring inspiring stories from across the MVFF leagues, including Amazing Losers Dan

5 simple ways to cut down on kitchen waste

Plastic is a huge problem. We are swimming in plastic (quite literally) and I’m sure you don’t need me to fill you in on how sometimes, from rising temperatures and sea levels to the extinction of certain species, it can seem like the Earth is truly screwed, and our dependence on single-use plastics isn’t helping. There are some small steps you can take to help cut down on your personal

A never-give-up attitude: Amazing Loser Dean Bax

It’s hard to control your eating when you work nights (when you come home from work at 6am, is it time for dinner or breakfast?!) but the key is to get into a proper routine and never give up. This week’s Amazing Loser Dean has a fantastic attitude to his weight loss – knowing that he had to change his lifestyle, he fully committed to it, never giving up, and

Drop, wrap and roll #MVFNewsround

In the newsround this week – MVFF cake, a new league, new Pringles and how to properly fold a tortilla wrap. You’re welcome. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Check out this amazing work of cake art – it’s a MAN v FAT Football cake! It was presented to Ray, who plays for Borussia Munching Backfat (excellent name) at the Harlow league. A belated happy birthday Ray – I hope the cake