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WIN! An exclusive MAN v FAT Football ball!

Something absolutely incredible has happened – MAN v FAT Football players are about to hit a total of 100,000lbs lost. That means you’ve lost seven elephants, eighteen giraffes, or 100,000 footballs. That’s a lot of footballs. To celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to win one of five exclusive MAN v FAT Football balls, which you can’t get anywhere else. (We’d offer you the chance to win an elephant but

MAN v FAT Football Players Podcast – Episode 2

A heads up for podcast fans: the second episode of the brilliant MAN v FAT Football Players Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Even if you’re not a podcast fan, this is a great insight into all things MAN v FAT Football and weight loss.  This month’s episode features MAN v FAT Football player, Amazing Loser and MAN v FAT writer Josh Deegan, who joins the guys to talk

How to make amazing vegetarian Cantonese dishes

This week is National Vegetarian Week and it’s the perfect excuse to get some variety in your meals by going veggie. We’ve posted some amazing vegetarian recipes before, but this week we’re looking at how you can make amazing vegetarian Cantonese dishes as this is a cuisine that lends itself so well to going meat-free. We got the chefs at Royal China to reveal their tops tips for how to create

7 things we learned in April

Back in the day, when MAN v FAT was but a sapling and before we helped MAN v FAT Footballers lose 100,000lbs, we used to round up the months with some interesting tidbits that we learned. We get sent a lot of press releases and other random stuff that doesn’t have a home anywhere else but are still worth a mention, so here we go. 1. Some people do better

The history of diets

Ever wondered about the history of diets? Despite the obesity crisis being a relatively new problem, turns out we’ve always been vain buggers trying to reach physical perfection. The methods of doing so have varied wildly, with doctors, companies and people who just really like cabbage soup vying to come up with the next new fad. This fascinating infographic was sent to us by GloTech, and although we’re still trying