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How to have a healthy Christmas

Christmas can be tough if you’re trying to lose weight. Everyone’s in a good mood and everything seems to focus on food and drink as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day itself. Now, we’re not ones to demonise food and if you really want a mince pie then we’re definitely not suggesting you deny yourself that pleasure. But what can you do when the temptation to overeat and

Recipe: Pigs in blankets mac n cheese

When the coffee shop Christmas menus were first announced back at the start of November, there was one offering that stood out. Costa is doing a mac n cheese with pigs n blankets, and my first thought was YES.  The calories aren’t so bad, clocking in at 632 cals for a box of cheesy, bacon-y goodness, but the portion is kinda small (not a criticism really, have it for lunch

Recipe: Chocolate dipped Christmas fruit

Fruit tastes great on its own but why not add some Christmas excitement by adding chocolate and nuts? After all, if there’s one time of year you should be able to liven up your fruit, it’s Christmas. Good quality dark chocolate is good for sensitive tummies and full of antioxidants, which are important for our health. Simply choose fruit that is gut-friendly such as pineapple, strawberries, satsumas, oranges, kiwis or

The MAN v FAT Football leagues launching in January

January holds a special place in the heart of any man who has ever wanted to lose weight – yes, it’s the month of New Year’s Resolutions and the signal of a fresh start. New Year’s Resolutions are notorious for er, not actually happening, with only eight percent of people actually keeping them. But we’re pretty confident that we can help you avoid becoming one of the 92 percent as we launch

What we learned in November

Did you know that there’s less than ONE MONTH until Christmas? We say it so often it’s become a bit of a cliche, but damn, this year is flying by. Soon it’ll be time to jump into January hyperfocus mode, but let’s hold off on thinking about that… This is the Haribo you’re most likely to eat In news no one asked for, the guys over at kitchen designers Magnet