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Amazing Loser Matthew Maksimovic

Broken inside and out, the road to a healthy weight wasn’t always going to be easy for this week’s Amazing Loser Matthew, a MAN v FAT footballer from Cardiff. He made it though, and this is how he did it… Name: Matthew Maksimovic  Age: 35 Height: 5ft 8 Location: Cardiff Occupation: Mental health worker (and MAN v FAT Football Cardiff player marketer) Highest weight: 214lbs (15st 4lbs / 97.3kg) Lowest weight: 170lbs (12st

How did Boogie2988 lose weight?

When you’ve had a tough relationship with food and your body for most of your life, enacting change is an overwhelmingly difficult thing to do. As anyone who was overweight as a child will know, undoing these years of learning all the wrong things about food requires a hell of a lot of focus and persistence. This week’s A-list Amazing Loser knows this only too well. Steven Walker, better known

How to pick a good team name

A couple of months ago we told you that the key to a successful squad was finding the right formation. But no matter how good you might be on the pitch, no team can ever be considered among the greats until they have a team name to match. So here’s our guide to how to pick a good team name for you and your lads. A twist on reality Let’s

MAN v FAT Newsround 25/5: Drink up

We are back again to put your mind at rest regarding some food-based rumours. Also, this week: the best worst kept secret that is guaranteed to help you lose weight, an unlikely MAN v FAT meetup and a brilliant story from one man who was able to give up his coke addiction, but all is not as it may seem… FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES ‘Or if we

The power of berries: The MAN v FAT Newsround 11/5

The sunshine was back this week and so are we to give you your latest fix of MAN v FAT goodness. This week; a closer look at the power of berries, asking when is it too early to start getting your children into an exercise regime, and how you can boost your energy in the workplace… FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES 11-a- side frenzy What’s better than MAN