At MAN v FAT we work with tens of thousands of men who know that something is not right.

They often feel sad or angry about their body.

They’re worried that their weight is already causing them health issues or will do in the future.

We have dads who just want to be healthy for their kids and not to be the fat dad in the playground.

We have guys who know that their size holds them back at work.

We have men who want more sex but know that their weight stops them.

Our mission at MAN v FAT is to support every man around the world who wants to win his battle with fat.

We have books and online groups that help men, but the biggest request we have is for a boot camp.

The biggest requests for the boot camp are:

  • Men only
  • For absolutely any fitness level
  • Should kickstart a new healthier life, not just be about a “good week”
  • Quality food “no rabbit food”
  • Good accommodation

So that’s what we’ve created. It’s taken us nearly a year of planning to get it right, but in February next year we’re launching what we believe to be the best men’s weight loss boot camp in the world.

If you are truly ready to change your life then click on the picture below and be ready for good things.

MAN V FAT Boot Camp flyer