7 delicious Mediterranean diet recipes to eat this week

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Research has found again and again that the so-called Mediterranean diet is the best way of eating for keeping your weight down, lowering your risk of heart disease and even for living longer. So what’s the deal?

Well, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that it’s high in vegetables, seafood and healthy fats and low in sugar, refined carbs and unhealthy fats. So basically it’s healthy eating, but with a splash of olive oil and the occasional glass of red wine, which sounds good to us.

Here’s how you can inject a little Mediterranean sunshine into your meals this week…

Mediterranean diet recipes

Mediterranean diet recipes

Orzo pasta with feta, olives & artichokes – 332 calories

If you’ve never had orzo before, it’s pasta that looks like rice. It works really well in dishes like this and is perfect for making a big batch and eating for lunch throughout the week. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

The not-so-dirty doner kebab – 579 calories

Did you know that MAN v FAT now has our very own chef? She’s not coming round and cooking us dinner (sadly), but she is developing absolutely amazing low-cal recipes for us. This homemade doner kebab is a highlight. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Cod, cherry tomato and green olive tray roast – 249 calories

The flavours in this one-tray bake are so perfectly matched and though it looks pretty fancy it couldn’t be simpler to prepare. Add some crusty bread if you’ve got the cals spare.

Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Orange harissa lamb chops – 132 calories for two

I don’t know if this is just a glimpse into the mind of someone who loves food just a little bit too much, but this recipe is 132 calories for two lamb chops, meaning you can eat approximately 23 of these at a time. Or, you know, have 4 or 5 with some fresh salad, roasted vegetables or herby rice. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Beef kofta with tzatziki – 503 calories

How do you like your meatballs? With spaghetti in a tomato sauce? Or a heap of mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam (and a little Swedish flag stuck in one?) Rethink meatballs with this recipe. Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Pasta puttanesca – 630 calories

Yes, this is ‘whore’s pasta’. Why? No idea, but Nigella told us that once. (Apparently, it was the er, working girl’s dish of choice to make when she needed something quick before getting back to it) Get the recipe here.

Mediterranean diet recipes

Spanish-style chicken bake – 370 calories

This is impressive for such a low-calorie meal – the chorizo and smoked paprika lend a gorgeous smokiness to the chicken and potatoes and roasting it all in one tray keeps it moist and makes it ridiculously easy. Get the recipe here.




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