Mindful eating and weight loss

Mindful eating and weight loss

Slowing down and savouring every mouthful might be the secret to weight loss. Here’s how mindful eating and weight loss are linked.

How much water should you drink?

Do you know how much water you should drink? It’s vitally important that you keep hydrated, whatever the weather. Everyone knows that we should be drinking water, but it can be hard to know exactly how much water you should drink. The often-cited blanket rule of 8 glasses a day is pretty ambiguous, and if […]

Calories in Costa Christmas drinks 2021

costa christmas drinks calories

Ready for Christmas? No? Well, tough, nevermind that we’ve only just stumbled into November. It’s John Lewis advert, Christmas songs in shops and high street coffee shop Christmas drinks time whether you like it or not. They’re everyone’s festive favourites and they’re back for 2021, and if you’re looking for Costa Christmas drinks calories, we’ve […]

Reverse It: Amazing Loser Simon Cross

Not only has Amazing Loser Simon boosted his confidence and happiness by starting to lose weight, but he’s also managed to reverse his diabetes, which is an incredible feat. Here’s how he did it. Name: Simon Cross Age: 36 Location: Bath Occupation: Fabrication engineer Height: 6’2 Start weight: 170kg (26st 10.8, 374.8lbs) Current weight: 138kg […]

7 ways stress can affect the body

ways stress can affect the body

We all get stressed sometimes. It seems impossible¬†not to, what with the demands of modern life – eat well, exercise, do well at work and further your career, keep in touch with friends and family, maintain your relationship, look after your mental health, keep your house clean, raise your children. And that’s just your starter […]

Taking The First Step: Amazing Loser Charlie Babington

Being overweight is all fun and games until your body gives you a wake-up call, and then it’s oh shit. We’ve probably all been there, and for Amazing Loser Charlie this moment came when he started getting heart palpitations and chest pains.¬† It was then he realised he needed to make some big changes… Name: […]