What we learned in August

This month has seen us prepare to take MAN v FAT Football down under as we gear up for the launch of MAN v FAT Soccer – our little Australian baby (or should that be joey?), which kicks off in September. I’ve also been enjoying a spot of indoor cycling as the weather has gone […]

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts: 7 of the best

Ah, breakfast – never has a meal divided the weight loss community more. Is it really the most important meal of the day? Some people swear by their morning bowl of porridge and the act of breaking your night-long fast, whereas some people think it’s unnecessary and will gladly skip it. True, it doesn’t kickstart the […]

Does masturbation help you lose weight?

Does masturbation help you lose weight?

Tickling the pickle, jerking the gherkin, bashing the bishop, polishing the pole…yes, we’re going there: masturbation. It might get your heart rate up but does masturbation help you lose weight? Don’t deny it – we’ve seen the stats and we know you’ve searched for it on MVF. It’s okay to be curious and we’re not […]

Penne for your thoughts? | The MAN v FAT Newsround 24th Aug

Everyday heroes, the underdogs, home gyms, the most important meal of the day – and then some! The MAN v FAT Newsround August 24th From the MAN v FAT Football leagues Firstly, I want to give a big well done to Matt Barber from the Weston league. Last week Matt did an amazing and honourable thing; […]

Getting a grip – Amazing Loser Craig Davis

The loss of family members is a cruel and extremely difficult thing to overcome and you’d be forgiven for spiralling out of control. After a tough couple of years, this week’s Amazing Loser Craig vowed to get healthier for the sake of his kids. Name: Craig Davis Age: 36 Height: 6ft Location: Nottingham Occupation: Taxi driver […]

MAN v FAT webinar: food addiction with Justin Marsh

This month’s MAN v FAT webinar is all about food addiction and how it relates to your weight loss efforts. We spoke to qualified counsellor and relationship therapist Justin Marsh, who specialises in, among other things, addiction and weight loss. Many thanks to Justin for taking part – it was a very interesting discussion. Thanks […]

The incredible unbeaten bulks | The MAN v FAT Newsround 17th Aug

A scales league-winning, 11-a-side-playing, ritual-following, motivation-finding, spinach-eating feast for the eyes. Don’t forget to tell us what you think over on the forums. The MAN v FAT Newsround August 17th From the MAN v FAT Football leagues West Brom’s ‘Incredible Bulks’ are currently smashing it with 22(!) consecutive wins in the scales league. Amazing. An 11-a-side […]

The MAN v FAT Podcast St George’s Park special

man v fat podcast st george's park

This week’s MAN v FAT podcast was recorded at the MAN v FAT Football national tournament at the home of English football, St. George’s Park. If you were there here’s your chance to relive the day, with ace interviews from players, coaches and the MVF team. And if you weren’t there, have a listen for […]

Heatwave food hacks | Newsround 10th Aug

The heat isn’t stopping and neither are we. Muscle cramps, man-boobies and motivation. Let’s do this. From the MAN v FAT Football leagues The Manchester league has a new coach as Dan takes over from the Mighty Sven, who is moving back to Australia. As Dan mentions in his introductory post, Sven will be greatly missed […]

Frugally fit: how to get fit on a budget

It’s the summer holidays, and we get it, you’ve probably already run out of money. The kids want to do this and that and this again and you’re skint. Maybe you’ve thought about freezing your gym membership for a little while to claw back some spending money but you’re hesitant because you don’t want to […]