Mini McFlurry excitement | MAN v FAT Newsround 29/6/2018

Hot heads, hot weather, running, sleeping and the new mini McFlurry. Hmm, I know which ones I prefer. Take a read and tell us what you think. Mini McFlurry excitement and more… From the MAN v FAT Football leagues A very big well done to coach Roger and MVFFer Joe who took time out of this […]

Things we learned in June

Things we learned in June

Another month is over and it has been a corker – we won an award, held our first ever webinar and we’re also well into our Twitter World Cup of MAN v FAT Football team names. Here are the things we learned in June… A ‘large percentage’ of men in the UK don’t go to […]

MAN v FAT Football wins ukactive award

Last week we donned our best suit and headed to Manchester for a very exciting awards ceremony – the first ukactive awards, in which MAN v FAT Football was nominated for the Healthy Communities Award. We’d been practising our gracious loser face, but in the end, there was no need for it because we only bloody […]

Recipe: Fire chicken

Today’s recipe is called fire chicken for a reason – it will set your mouth on fire. Probably. Based on an African chicken dish, this dish really packs a punch but is lower in fat than the original. It’s really not for the faint of heart, but if you’re a lover of hot food it’ll […]

Are you too embarrassed to exercise? | MAN v FAT Newsround: 22/6/2018

Are you too embarrassed to exercise? You’re not alone. Guilty pleasures, new leagues, beef stroganoff, this Newsround has it all. New leagues alert! We’re pleased to announced that we have a league starting soon in Telford and we’ll also be launching a league in conjunction with Medway council, with more details coming soon, so keep […]

MAN v FAT Podcast: Episode 5

The latest episode of the MAN v FAT podcast is here! In episode 5, the lads talk to MAN v FAT Football coach Sven about carrots, the evolution of MAN v FAT Football leagues and who would win in an Aussie brawl.  Listen to the podcast below: Or if you can’t see the Soundcloud widget, […]

Subway Healthy Swaps: The MAN v FAT Swap Shop

Aaaand we’re back for another snack attack. This time we’re looking at Subway healthy swaps – we’re gonna Eat Fresh in the only place where your sandwich is made by an artist. We’re stood in Subway and we’re hungry. The smell of bread is intoxicating, I get it. How are you going to resist? Well, perhaps […]

MAN v FAT webinar: catch up now

In case you missed us live on YouTube with our very first MAN v FAT webinar, the video is now available for you to catch up on. Despite some tech hiccups, we really enjoyed talking to MVF’s resident nutritionist and MAN v FAT Football coach Tom Irving – he really does know masses about food, […]

Healthy world cup snacks

Healthy world cup snacks

Everyone loves snacking – there’s something just so great about eating in between meals, mostly just for the pure joy of it. How can you stick to healthy world cup snacks? Unfortunately, it can be all too easy to go overboard, especially when your mind is elsewhere – like when you’re, oh I don’t know, praying […]

Netflix and chill: The MAN v FAT Newsround 15/6

This week’s Newsround is football crazy, football mad with a couple of competitions. We’re also discussing getting in front of the TV to help weight loss goals and shooting for the moon. Netflix and chill: The MAN v FAT Newsround 15/6 FROM THE MAN V FAT FOOTBALL LEAGUES A huge well done to Derek Cole from […]