10 Things MAN v FAT Learned This Month

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We’re nearing the end of the month and that means it’s time for our round-up of 10 things that we learned this month. Ready? LET’S GO!

1) The Eatwell Plate works – it must do Kevin Fenton told us so! Agree? Disagree?

2) Fat men can jump. Whether they can do parkour remains to be seen.

3) You can get an exclusive preview of the MAN v FAT book for free! Out this Christmas!

4) How do you cycle from one side of America to the other?

5) How long it takes for your fitness to go from ultramarathon levels to can’t run at all, like a Couch 2 5k programme played in reverse.

6) What an 8,000 calorie breakfast looks like.

7) 49% of MPs dieted last year.

8) The one thing we all think is horrible about being a fat man is what it does to your penis.

9) How weird it was exercising in Victorian times.

10) What it’s like to spend 30 days hanging from an iron bar.

Incredible what happens in 30 days isn’t it? What will we learn in November? Let us know in the comments and house points for the most creative answer…



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